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Conventional education, which has pervaded for centuries in schools and universities all over the world, has created conformity, and has regimented young minds, pruning away the fantasy, the vitality, and the search for one’s own uniqueness.

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It is time to communicate extraordinary things that no longer have anything to do with the old methods of teaching. I am sure many will follow us on this bright adventure. It’s no longer possible to bring tired teachers and obsolete teachings into the classroom. It’s time for a new revolution! It’s time to overturn the entire educational system.

The ESE’s non-teaching is conveyed to students in the most advanced forms of performance — theater, film, music, dance, poetry, sports, literature, technology, art, science, and above all, awareness. Each student teaches other students what he or she can do and learns from others what he or she cannot do.

Together with actors, artists, musicians, and filmmakers we create a series of artistic, literary, and sports performances that are included in our educational programs. Each student is a teacher of some subject, game, hobby, technology, or activity that he or she knows very well, and at the same time an aspirant and student of art, sport, activity, or expertise that complements his or her preparation.

What makes the difference between men, what really makes them belong to a different destiny, even before the strength of their beliefs, the different quality of their goals, is the breadth of their Dream.

Wherever they meet, for a few moments or for years, men inevitably form a pyramid, they arrange themselves at different levels of an invisible scale respecting an inner, mathematical order, like hierarchies made of brightness, orbits, mass, and distance from their sun. The quality, breadth, and depth of their “being” form a hierarchy, a pyramid of responsibility, on whose steps, from the base to the summit, each one goes to occupy the place it deserves.

Man is already ready.

Intelligence and love are already in every man. I see it in every student. My experience is that we don’t have to add anything to the students, but make them come out with the beauty of their originality, eliminating what I call “the old education”. For this, there is no need for external teachings but rather to work on oneself to peel away layers that have settled over the years: poor descriptions, conflicting visions of the world; provinciality, negative emotions, that still govern us.

The root of educating is to bring out: Ex-Duco

The mass school cannot do that. It cannot reach the individual. The traditional system of school and university education is not only obsolete but extremely fragile. Therefore, ESE cannot accept the authority of tradition and cannot adhere to any of the pre-existing educational concepts.

The first education

In schools, teachers convey a poor description of the world and teach dependence. The long process that we call education is, in reality, mental programming, a message that grafts the most deep-rooted prejudice: that life proceeds one way from the outside to the inside, that there is an external world, made up of events and circumstances independent of one’s will and that conditions man’s existence. Therefore man does not create the world but he would be created by it. According to this vision, he would not be master of himself, of his destiny, but the victim of circumstances, of the whims of fortune and chance. We have given the name of first education to the long process of conditioning that leads to this vision and that feeds man’s victimhood and propensity for scarcity.

Contrary to the project encoded in the etymology of Ex-Duco, which is “to bring out” (ex-Duco)

the first education does nothing more than introducing obsolete notions, stereotyped descriptions, second-hand ideas, homologating ways of thinking, and feeling that together form a psychological dress that, for the adult, will be impossible to change.


Conventional education, which has pervaded for centuries in schools and universities all over the world, has created conformity, and has regimented young minds, pruning away the fantasy, the vitality, and the search for one’s own uniqueness.

Education is attention

The secret of secrets of a good school is the attention given. Education is attention. The attention is given to every single person. The interest to see an individual better himself continuously.

Every young person is an individual, unique and original.

It is their uniqueness that must be found and brought out, nurtured, and improved. A true school should remind young people of their originality and that they should never separate themselves from their dream. “Do only what you love”.

Education must be conceived of as an activity directed towards the individual. An ‘educator’ has to know the both aspirations and abilities of each student to best tutor his formation. Young people study and spending precious years in order to enter proudly from day one in the professional field they dream of. An educational institution cannot restrict its mission and responsibilities, to the certification of a course of theoretical studies, but must constitute a tangible bridge from theory to practice, from school and career.

I founded my own unique institution with a unique philosophy, a College of Higher Education “distributed” in six Campuses, each of these accepting annually no more than one hundred new students. ESE is a highly coordinated system of epicenters, designed to keep all its’ members within earshot, echoing the ancient wisdom of the Greeks who extended their cities’ walls only to the limits of one man’s voice.

An Innovative Project.

Find your student! Find your teacher! Ex-Duco was created by ESE as an innovative project that can no longer follow the old teaching methods used in the classroom by tired teachers and outdated lessons. It is a revolution that overturns the entire educational system. Each student will teach the other students what they know and will learn new skills from the others. Through the performing arts, literature, and sports that are included in our educational programs, each student will have the opportunity to teach subjects, games, hobbies, technologies, or activities that they are very familiar with while, at the same time, being an aspiring student of art, sport, activity or expertise that will complement their academic background.

The right to Dream

The values of the individual learner. We respect the right of each individual to dream, to strive, to struggle, to succeed — the right to be free, unique, and innovative. Our primary objective is the development, growth, and success of business leaders and entrepreneurs. We embrace the idea that developing career skills and developing individual human potential is equally valuable.

Thus, at ESE learning is paramount and comprises not simply the transfer of knowledge and skills but also the unique philosophy of the School which provides both an approach to and a process of intellectual, artistic, political, ethical, and socio-cultural exploration and integration. We recognize the interrelatedness of all learning. We believe that such learning and growth is the mutual responsibility of the School and the student. Toward this end, we emphasizing self-knowledge, the theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of business and the liberal arts, and the application of knowledge and innovation to a global environment.

Therefore, we urge students to accept responsibility for improving themselves and society.




No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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