From Somewhere at Some Point

We all start from somewhere at some point.

When I first retired, I made this from the name plate that had hung outside my office door. I was interested then, and am still learning about collage. I like the idea that if we try, we can see the ‘other-than-usual’ use for scraps of all kinds, and then make them into something that speaks to us.

Photo by Author

In the majority of the pieces I’ve made in last several months, I’ve included word and text in different fonts and ways, and this has definitely helped fulfill my writer’s needs. It’s challenging at times to fill a page with your feelings, but a word or two are usually within reach. (Tweet This)

But when using these words, I also like to tell a story, to make a statement of some sort. Sometimes only in a subtle way for those who are looking for it. Other times in a bold way that you can’t miss it.

This was She. When I started.

Well as you can see, She was pretty but flat, I was tired by then, of propping up people, and doing my best to motivate. Trying with words which too frequently fell on deaf ears. The message I needed to give in my own way had been buried by years of pretending by then. And She reflected that.

But, She still managed to stand tall, and since then she has moved towards embracing the colours and the celebration that she was ready for. And She continued to learn through collage.

She learned that with our growth and experiences, we are able to add more layers, we gain dimension, we are better equipped to make the statement that is ours to give.

And then, lockdown.

When each new day brings a challenge of how to fill our time. Do we really want to learn a new skill, or would we rather drift away in the moments until the next tv show starts, or find a new binge-worthy murder mystery, or sit on the balcony and watch what the neighbours are doing through their open blinds.

I arise in the morning torn between a desire

to improve (or save) the world

and a desire to enjoy (or savor) the world.

This makes it hard to plan the day.

E.B. White

Photo by Author

I would like to say that creating has become easier, but each day I still need to make an effort.

Because as any of us know, we can’t get better if we don’t try. We can’t learn if we don’t fail. We can’t create anything new if we let the old remain. (Tweet This)

So after many months of ignoring her as she stared back at me, I saw that She needed a change, I started to see that I could do more.

Then one day…

She heard more words, She understood that maps make imaginary lines, She imagined her life and brought her dreams into the day. So did I. So can you. (Tweet This)

The message I needed to give in my own way had been buried by years of pretending by then. (Tweet This)

Stay well, stay kind.



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Gail Williamson

Gail Williamson

Sharing thought-provoking stories from the side streets of life. Words to make you pause, ponder and reflect; to help you understand your life just a bit more.