Getting Started with Explainer Videos.

An explainer video is a short, informative video (typically between 30 seconds and 3 minutes) that explains something in a colorful, fun, and engaging way. From a marketing perspective, they can be used to communicate a variety of things.

Explainer videos are a great way to introduce a subject or concept in a brief way. This might be a quick overview of your product, service, or company. Either way, it’s an easy point of entry for people who don’t otherwise know about your brand.

What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

Every good explainer video has five things in common.

  1. Short in length: Explainer videos are typically under three minutes, but the best ones are often shorter, between one and two minutes.
  2. Strong call to action (CTA): Explainer videos should clearly state what they want their intended audience to do after watching.
  3. Solving a problem: These videos are focused on addressing a specific problem and answering why they’re the solution.
  4. Match brand and audience: Explainer videos are best when their style and tone match that of the brand, as well as the customer they’re trying to reach.
  5. High quality: Explainer videos need to be high quality, both in quality of production and quality of content, to effectively communicate a brand’s value proposition.

What Do Explainer Videos Look Like?

Explainer video execution depends heavily on its purpose, audience, and budget. There are no hard and fast rules, either. But you’ll usually find they fit into one of these categories.

  1. Live Action: Explainer videos with real people or demonstrations in real life can help to boost relatability. They also provide a sense of familiarity or communicate a lifestyle to the audience.
  2. Animated: No concept is beyond the scope of possibility when it comes to animation. You can animate it if you can articulate it. It’s a more regulated production without a shooting schedule, set design, performers, and crew.
  3. Mixed: These can blend both live action and motion graphics, or other art forms, such as paper craft and stop motion.
  4. Screen capture: Screen capture can help with digital or tech demonstrations.

Why Explainer Videos Are Effective

Get Straight to the Point

Having an explainer video on your homepage or platform is a fast and easy way of explaining your company and your product to someone visiting your platform. Once you start a communication then you push the leads to the next phase of the sales funnel.

You’re Able to Reach People Through Storytelling

Every business should have a “brand story” that gives credibility to your business, fosters trust, and establishes an emotional relationship with customers.

Explainer Videos are Practical

If your business offers a product or service that’s a little complicated, then it helps to have a video to visually illustrate what you do and how it’ll benefit the customer.

Videos Improve Conversion Rates

People are more willing to purchase something after watching an explainer video. That’s because explainer videos explain what you do by addressing the pain points, suggest the solution and tell about the main benefits.

Video Go Viral

One of the best things about explainer videos is that they’re engaging, funny and people want to share them. Also, on most social media platforms, your video will play automatically and draw the eyes of anyone scrolling down the page.

What are Whiteboard Animations?

Whiteboard animation is a type of video in which the content appears to be hand-drawn on a whiteboard or on a white background. Because the basic pictures are easy to understand, it’s a popular technique to express complicated information.

The benefits of whiteboard animation

  1. Memorability: Research shows that information is retained from a whiteboard animation rather than a talking video.
  2. Versatility: Whiteboard animations are perfect for any topic from educational materials to marketing content.
  3. Easy to create yourself: You don’t need any skills or expensive equipment to make your own whiteboard animations, unlike live-action videos.
  4. Hold your attention: The combination of sound, movement, and graphics appeals to all of our senses, and keeps the audience curious.
  5. They’re fun: Whiteboard animations assist people to study by putting them in a positive mood making the content more fun and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Explainer Video Service

  1. What is the price of an explainer video?

The cost for our videos depends on the complexity, type, and duration.

What are the services included in the cost for an explainer video? The services included in the cost are:

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Voice over
  • Background music
  • Post-production

Is the pricing on a per-second basis?

Yes, it is on a per-second basis. We suggest you keep the duration as short as possible for an explainer video. An ideal duration would be 60 to 90 seconds unless a longer duration is necessary.

How Long Should an Explainer Video be?

It depends on the video’s topic. It is said that the length of a good Explainer Video should be around 90 seconds, as the attention time can reduce by 57% if it exceeds that.



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Dennis Lighare

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