Hereditary Diseases

From a non-medical point of view

Daniel Asuquo
An Idea (by Ingenious Piece)
4 min readMay 21, 2022


Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

We are all aware that the apple falleth not far from the tree… What we may not be totally conscious of is that when we have children, we are not creating new people, we are remaking ourselves. Let me expatiate.

When we have children, we try to teach them everything we know, we make them think like us and indoctrinate them into our own way of life. While we do all these consciously, on a subconscious level, they are picking up on all our mannerisms… especially the ones we don’t know we have — I’m talking the eye-rolling, the sarcasm, the way we drag our feet when we walk and the way we slouch when we seat. These things can be really annoying and we try to talk them out of it; then we wonder why they are “stubborn”.. you get the point.

As far as diseases go, we are beginning to see that while we pass on genes to the next generation, diseases are largely the result of a lifestyle and not necessarily genetic — at this point, I’d like to say that I am writing mostly from intuition and data I have collected by observation. I have not read all those medical books. What are some hereditary diseases we know? Diabetes for one. How can a person be doomed to having diabetes just because they were born to a certain type of parent? This made no sense to me (because my dad and some of his siblings were diabetic) so I decided to check it a little closer.

From my observation, my dad loved sugar, he ate carbs late at night (and often) and he was scared of having diabetes. This is enough to make a person diabetic — do you agree? Now being his son, seeing his dad suffer, the experience definitely imprinted on my subconscious mind and if I didn’t know better, I’d also be scared of having diabetes.

Then there is the matter of diet (I’m still on diabetes). In Nigeria where I grew up, veganism is practically taboo so if my parents ate a certain way, by default, due to indoctrination, I would eat the same way and as such be prone to the same health state they had manifested…is this making sense so far? With all these points, I dare say we should look at ‘hereditary diseases’ differently.

If a disease is in the gene, such as sickle cell, then of course it’s clear to see how that works and it can be explained and hence avoided. But to say a person is doomed to myopia because their mom is myopic is a stretch and largely due to the fact that the people who postulated this, had limited information. I got to learn that most cases of myopia are caused by a glitch during childbirth (and this is rampant in 3rd-world countries). You can see how myopia would seem genetic right?

Another case of study here wold be hypertension due to obesity. In many cases, obesity is closely tied to diet and diet is passed from parent to child as mentioned earlier. We are also told that we attract what we fear so if the fear of disease is uppermost in the mind of the child because they watched a parent or close family member suffer through it, chances are that they will also endure the same fate. Cancer is one of such scenarios. It takes such a toll on the minds of the sufferer’s loved ones that it seems to linger on even after the person is gone and while I have not researched this next theory, I think if there is a cancer survivor in the family, then the chances of another person in the family being doomed to cancer is reduced (becasue the mind doesn’t consider it a death senstence anymore).


As I said, I’m no medical expert so I may be wayyy off medically. But I am a citizen of Earth who is obsessed with observation and collecting data on the human experience so I write this article as such.

I have seen diabetes reverse with diet. Let’s not even get into obesity. A myriad of cancers have been obliterated from a lifestyle change and it may seem like fringe science but it’s been done. Yes there can be mutations in genetics which can pass some conditions to the next generation but these mutations are in the cells right? And cells can be altered right? You get the point now!

Till the next time.