Here’s why we shouldn’t write-off 2020.

We lost, cried, fought-back, and rediscovered.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This past year has been a strange one, to say the least.

We were brought to a stand-still, by an unseen force. Something which we did not believe could ever happen had been cast upon us, and we were forced to retreat to the security of our own cocoons.

I could’ve said homes, and not cocoons, but the reason I said cocoons is because, for most of us, 2020 was a year that made us rediscover ourselves from a very primitive perspective.

We lost many people, we cried because we were helpless and eventually fought back as always.

Whenever us humans are pushed into a corner, we always come out swinging and this time was no different.

Here are some reasons why we should not write-off 2020, but revere it as a year of learning.

We met the person who matters the most.

The global lockdown gave us an opportunity to finally meet the one person we had long forgotten and frankly the one person that matters the most.

We met ourselves.

In the hustle and bustle that was life before the lockdown, many if not all of us had forgotten who we were and had forgotten to ask ourselves why we were doing what we were doing.

We just went about life, taking each day as it comes focussing on the task at hand, without really wondering whether we were doing what we were actually meant to.

It took a pandemic to help us find ourselves and explore what we are really good at, as individuals.

We invented new ways to do things.

I am an event manager, and I think I can safely say, my industry was one of the hardest-hit because of COVID-19.

From sitting on multiple projects in February, we were reduced to none by March and we do not see it changing anytime soon.

We took the experience virtual, and even though the concept has been around since the 80’s it was always in the background. We engaged people in a different way. Of course, we cannot replicate the experience of in-person events, but we’ve come close.

This not only helped event managers, it helped corporate inc, entertainers, performers, and most importantly audiences that attend these virtual events.

It is a much-needed place-holder if I may say so.

That was for events, but we have seen it evident in so many other places where individuals and businesses strived to stay relevant and they did.

We went back to our primal way of being.

We realized things we used to stress about count for nothing in the face of adversity.

The long queues for iPhones were replaced by queues for toilet paper and daily essentials.

We realized, we have a lot to be thankful for if we have our health, a place to stay, and food.

All of a sudden on an individual level, the dream to own this and that did not really seem that big.

Our circle got smaller.

And, I mean this as a good thing. The year 2020 made all of us spend our energies more wisely than we were.

As the result, each person realized who is most important and let go of people who would be considered energy vampires and vice versa.

I am not professing, cutting people out. But a lot of relationships and friendships ran their course, not because it was intended, but because we realized they were not serving us anymore.

Never in the history of our generation had we faced a situation so severe and never have we had the means to be able to reinvent ourselves as we do right now.

This has been a year of awakening indeed and it is up to us as individuals to take our learnings from 2020 and set ourselves up to win in 2021.

The choice is ours, we are in the driver's seat.

As far as I am concerned, I say let’s put a band-aid on 2020 and bounce back stronger in 2021.

I’d like to use this post to say a prayer for the people we lost in 2020 and hope they find themselves in a better place, wherever they are.

Much love and a Happy New Year.




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