How Do You Stop Wallowing In Misery

Why Misery is a bad thing for you to dwell in.

How Do You Stop Wallowing in Misery. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Misery is an emotion as almost as negative as Fear, Anger and Hate.

These emotions are nothing and after a time dissipates from your as quickly as it came in. Unfortunately for you Misery does not dissipates but entraps your mind and covers it in a thick dark veil.

It prevents your mind from progressing and feeds and nourishes itself from your life energy like a fucking Parasite!

Whenever you try to break out of it your energy just disappears and you quickly give up from doing or wanting to do anything and it sucks!

I know Misery very well and it cost me many opportunities in my younger years.

Looking back to be honest it still stings badly knowing how much time i spent wallowing in my Misery. I tried to break from them many times but it held me down and kept me in a haze.

There was time that i thought about suicide just to end this suffering I was going through.

That voice inside me mocked me every time i tried to better myself. It told me I was “No Good” “A Loser” “A Fucking Faggot!”

That was my life and I’m sure you to are going through this bullshit as well.

I was like this for many years and it was not until one day that I got mad enough and ignored that voice inside me that I began my process of getting out.

Now mind you this was not an overnight thing but something that you need to work on over and over again.

Repetition is the key to killing this Misery or at least to be able to manage it.

I’m going to tell you another thing as well about getting rid of Misery is that it can come back if you are not aware of it.

Usually it comes when something negative happens in your life and when this happens you will need to control it and never let it roam free in your mind.

Its funny how there is so much going on in Modern Society where every pleasure imaginable is promoted and pushed onto you for you to use that Misery still has place in your mind.

So here what I did to overcome and throw Misery back in its cage!

  1. You Cannot Control External Life.

Its amazing looking back on those days believing that I could control my life only to come disappointed when the things I wanted to happen did not come to fruition.

The reason was I trying to change my external life rather than rearranging my inner life. I found out that we all have control of our Inner Life and not our External Life that is Natures realm.

We cannot win forever as we will not learn any of life’s tragedies.

2. Let go of past pain.

Pain is something we all have and some carry it more than others to a point hat it defines who they are.

Past pain is like old luggage!

Heavy, hard to handle and pick up. Why not drop it and lighten your load! There is no reason for you to carry all of that weight if you don’t have to.

3. Learn to forgive yourself and others.

Forgiveness is something most people look down upon these days. its like everyone wants to be hard and emotionless when in reality we need to be the opposite.

Life will always send us pain! there will always be people and events that cause pain, its life!

The trick is that once pain comes you have to stand strong and let it come!

Cry is you must, take time to learn what happened and how you can prevent them next time. Once you have done that you need to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and move on.

Its the only way.

4. Look for the positive in your life.

in all of our lives we have many positives. Things like finishing college, joining the military, climbing that mountain!

we all have positive moments in our lives that has happened to us. Or better yet we have people in our lives that are positive and love you with all their heart.

Why not grab that energy from those moments and use them to help you get that leash on Misery.

5. Look at yourself in a positive light.

Stop putting yourself in a negative light! things like “I’m not pretty enough” or “I’m Fat!” etc.

It does not matter, you will need to see the positive you! tell yourself you are pretty enough you will achieve your goal!

Or my favorite the one i used many times “I’m fat, but I’m a Sexy Mother Fucker!” keep sayng that to yourself over and over again and soon your Brain will believe it!

I know for me once i did that and told myself that every day in front of my Bathroom mirror i began to believe it.

It works!

6. Stop caring what others think of you!

Let me let you in on a secret! Worrying about what others think of you is a waste of your precious time! Who gives a fuck what people think you be you!

It bothers me so much that there are people out there that depend so much on how people view them and their lives only to become distraught over what a stranger said about you.

That’s just you giving away your power to a stranger. Why do that? We got a ton of people out here in this country we don’t need anymore.

Take your like and uplift your self confidence as well as self worth and push hard.

Take the time to look inside of yourself and lock up that misery in a cage where it will no longer cause you harm.

It will take time to do this as it will be hard to keep that shit in check but it’s possible.

Life is to be enjoyed!

Find the positive in it and I promise you will do okay!

Please share with anyone who needs it!



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