How Does Grubhub Work? All About The Food Delivery App Working Model

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Over 31 million active users, 658,000 average daily orders, more than 300,000 restaurants, available in as many as 4000 U.S. cities, nearly $9 billion in gross food sales to local takeout restaurants in 2020. I don’t know about you, but these statistics of Grubhub’s online food delivery app look crazy to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

These numbers appear as the strong reason why food delivery app development is gaining startup ventures’ attention. To be specific, it is the primary reason you searched for how Grubhub works and entrepreneurs strive to develop a food delivery app like Grubhub.

Over a two-decade journey, Grubhub has thrived like a giant palm tree. The features it incorporates, the user experience the app offers, and friendly delivery services make it loved by users. The app’s workflow, from opening the app to check out, is the crux and does impact the food delivery cycle.

So, let’s peep into how does Grubhub works.

How Grubhub works for Consumers:

The users can browse various cuisines and restaurant chains available on the portal by entering their zip code. Once users find or decide what they want to eat, they place an order. A user can also permit you to use the delivery service without an Account or logging into the account.

In that case, the platform may create an account based on the user’s basic information like name, phone number, email address, and transaction history. After placing the order, users just need to wait for their order to deliver to their doorstep. Grubhub allows users to pay online or in cash. The app is quite intuitive and user-friendly. The customer journey on Grubhub in a nutshell;

  • Browse
  • Place an order
  • Payment
  • Wait for the delivery & relish the food once it at their doorstep

How Grubhub works for Restaurants:

When a user places an order, simultaneously, the restaurant is notified about the same. The restaurant can confirm the order as per the availability of the same. After confirming the order, they proceed to prepare the food and keep it ready for the couriers to come to pick it up for delivery. The restaurant journey on Grubhub in a nutshell;

  • Bing! New order’s here!
  • Confirm the order
  • Prepare and pack
  • Hand it over to for the delivery

How Grubhub works for Couriers:

As soon as the restaurant accepts an order, the nearest courier guy gets the notification with the order pickup details. He undertakes the delivery request and heads directly to the restaurant. The courier guy picks up the already prepared and packed order and drives straight to the customer’s doorstep. The courier guy journey on the Grubhub in nutshell;

  • New order delivery request pops up
  • Pick up the order from the restaurant
  • Deliver it to the customer and may get the Tips

Grubhub is considered the most trusted and reliable online food delivery platform for a reason. They have earned this title by offering transparent and amiable delivery services in the food delivery market. Reviews and ratings from customers do play an essential role in making this happen, though.

Now that you are entirely familiar with the working model of the excellent food delivery app Grubhub give it a shot. Plan and draft your own business model revolving around this workflow to build a food delivery app. For a professional food delivery app development solution, from business model to QA testing, launching & post-deployment services, contact us here!



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