How Safe Is London!

Photo by V2F on Unsplash

When in London, in summer and in love, you definitely can’t miss a kiss in Hyde Park. If there’s one season to see the beauty of Hyde Park, it’s the summer. With lush greenery all around and streaks of sunlight beaming onto green grass and the pathways, romance can’t get any better! In London you can love anyone you want and for that matter be with them anywhere you can be. On one such evening, we decided to romance in Hyde Park.

We entered Hyde Park through the Marble Arch gate and took a seat at a shade near the Speaker’s cafe. Yes, there exists a cafe by that name. On one side sat a couple, on the other sat a group of black young men, mostly in their late teens. They were smoking joint, maybe hash as well. I grew up in India and smell of marijuana is not new to me. We sat facing the lush green park, a beautiful blue West London sky, and the sun kissed jogger’s path. It started raining a few minutes later. Summer rains in London have become torrential since the last few days, and torrential rain means droplets of rainwater invading into the shade.

We were aware about the sensation that our bodies were creating. In front of us lay the serene green Hyde Park, the splatter of rain drops hitting the roof of the shed and the ever-curious fat pigeons. We held each other, closed our eyes and kissed. The only thing that could have been better than the kiss would have been a longer kiss. The place sounded of rain drops and TFL and smelt like marijuana and tasted sweet.

I was lost in the kiss; she had surrendered herself and our tongues were tied together when someone hit my head from behind. My forehead hit the pillar and in a fraction of second, I banged my head onto her forehead. Her eyes were still closed with the blissful kiss and by the time we realized what had happened it was already late. The gang smoking beside us had disappeared, perturbed by our presence. In an act of anger, against us for disturbing their indulgence, one of them attacked us, with his fist on my head. There were 4 of them and I just did not find any meaning in chasing them. I could not leave her alone and chase a pot smoking moron, to vent out my anger. She was horrified and to make it look normal I just laughed at the situation, assuming that would make her feel normal.

Our attackers left through the main entrance of the park, that opened up towards Marble Arch. That’s one of the most prominent locations in London. Six hours later I called up the Met police helpline at 1 ‘o’clock in the night to register my complaint. It was registered and I was assured that the investigation would start soon.

The next day I received a call from the investigation team at around 11:35AM. I was taken through some preliminary rounds of questions where I described the situation. A few critical questions for the investigation were

1) Were you or your partner injured?

2) Do you need any medical help?

3) Are you traumatized?

4) Do you or your partner ped safe and are able to do normal activities?

5) Do you need psychological therapy?

The call ended at around 11:45A:M, after I shared, my email id. 3 minutes later I got an email from Met Police, London, who just took 180 fuckin seconds to come to a conclusion that the investigation has to be closed due to lack of evidence. A fucking 180 second is all it takes! I don’t think 180 seconds is enough to search and watch footages or identify the attackers. There was no medical injury. Although the slap was on the medulla oblongata, it was just my height that had saved me from a disaster. This could have been a brutal stab, a fallen victim or worse. The action by Met Police makes me wonder if they act to defend or just act to react.

Sadiq Khan’s London is unsafe. Pampering the victim is important but what’s equally important is to nab the offenders as well.



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