How to develop a language learning app like Duolingo?

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  1. Suitable format
  2. Social media integration
  3. Gamification
  4. Crystal clear services
  5. Beautiful designs
  6. Engaging user experience
  7. Availability on major platforms
  • Subscription model:
  • Freemium Model :
  • In-app advertisement:
  • One time purchase:
  • Sign-up;
  • User profile setting;
  • Learning dashboard;
  • Learning process;
  • Achievement card;
  • Online community
  • Live streaming of lectures;
  • Assignments;
  • Competition and gamification;
  • Push notification
  • Decide the content
  • Choose the platform for your app
  • Start designing your app (UI/UX)
  • Conclude the technology stack
  • Features you select
  • Number of screens you include
  • Design and visuals
  • Complexity
  • Development team
  • Number of hours
  • Location of the company
  • App maintenance



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