How To Organise Your Mind Through Thought Alone

Declutter by stopping distractions and awaken your inner genius

How satisfying to look at. (source)
Do you hear them? (source)
Your physical horror inbox. (source)

How to deal with thoughts

When a thought arises, ask yourself why it is there. What’s the source of this thought?

It used to be much easier to do this. Now we barely sit by ourselves in silence, with just our thoughts. Talking to each “child”. Going through the “folders”.

Regularly going through your thoughts is crucial to decluttere your mind, gain clarity and be able to focus on what really matters.

Even just 5 minutes, without any distraction, is enough. First, it might feel overwhelming. You suddenly have 379 kids screaming at you, begging for your attention. But if you don’t give it to them, you will have even more trouble later.

The smartest people used to “just think” without distraction to make sense of their crazy ideas and thoughts.

Only thinking creates genius.

Darwin had a “thinking path” that he would walk down to ruminate, and Nietzsche is said to have strolled around in nature for several hours.

Daydreaming creates connections

Remember when your teacher told you to stop daydreaming in class. Well, your brain was probably helping you form more connections.

A wandering mind is a creative mind.

Researcher Scott Barry Kaufman conducted the shower experiment together with Hansgrohe, which proves that we get amazing ideas under the shower with no distractions. In fact, 72% of people have experienced new ideas in the shower according to the study.

Make “thinking” part of your schedule.

There is evidence all over the place that we need to let our mind wander. We need to give it space to organise itself. Because that’s what happens. You don't even need to do much work. You just need to observe and reflect on the thoughts that arise.

Book an appointment with yourself and put it in your calendar.

If it feels right, take pen and paper and note down whats going on if you feel like you can’t make sense of it. This might speed up the process of decluttering your mind.

Check out this book, and see if you can find some inspiration.



No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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