How to Make Successful Hyper-Casual Games That Will Thrive Globally

Tips on designing, developing, monetizing, and localizing a hyper-casual game

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A quick intro to the hyper-casual genre

The screenshots of the Flappy Bird game on the App Store
  • Timing (tapping at the right time)
  • Stacking (balancing objects in a stack)
  • Dexterity (emphasis on the player’s reaction time)
  • Rising/Falling (managing an object’s movement)
  • Swerving (avoiding obstacles — think Flappy BIrd!)
  • In-app ads (ads shown in the game between rounds)
  • In-app purchases (players can buy boosters or other incentives)
  • Premium model (its biggest advantage is the complete absence of advertising)
  • Cross-promotion (when a game promotes another game and encourages players to download it)

App store optimization

1. Localize an app description

2. Select and use keywords

  • All work is done via an interface (not through a manager). This means all the client has to do is upload the required content to the Nitro platform: they will receive their translation in a matter of hours.
  • Fast turnaround: 68% of all requests are completed within 2 hours, which is especially useful for urgent tasks.
  • Over 70 languages available for translation — great for accurately localizing your product for the target audience.

3. Localize screenshots

The screenshots of the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles on the App Store

Localization of hyper-casual games: useful tips

1. Plan in advance

  • Choose the target audience and select your languages accordingly
  • Design the game interface around all these languages
  • Select a localization agency to work with

2. Know your audience

The image has been designed by Alconost
  • Localization is the key to success: if you have an appreciation for the local culture and display it in the game, your players will love it! An example would be introducing new characters for special Chinese holidays such as the Lunar New Year.
  • Chinese players like a sense of nostalgia, so game simulations such as skipping school are very well received. Chinese players also enjoy fantasy, so that might be another idea for your game.
  • Long sessions: compared to Western audiences (max 3 minutes of playing), Chinese players spend about 3–5 minutes on a game session.
  • Higher tolerance for in-game ads: Chinese players are more tolerant of ads, which is a really promising opportunity for game monetization.

3. Implement special events and promos

4. Engage your community

Final thoughts

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