Is Being Boujee Bad?

I think absolutely not, and here’s why. Wellness-obsessed millennials, THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!

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While there are several meanings attached to the word “boujee,” my definition is this:

A boujee person is someone who finds comfort in the finer things in life. Like delicious lattes, excellent sushi, fancy champagne, trips to NYC & LA, and routine getaways with girlfriends.

Being boujee does not equate with being rich or snobby. To be boujee simply means to enjoy life’s material & experiential luxuries, with the understanding that having fun and enjoying yourself is just as essential as working hard and being a nice human being.

You can be both humble and boujee, both selfless and boujee, and DEFINITELY both kind and boujee.

In essence, we are allowed to have our yoga mats and yoga, too.

Now, why the hell am I talking about this? LET ME BEGIN BY SAYING THANK YOU everyone for sticking with me as I try and nail my niche reader with my newsletter, Take A Sip.

It has been one year of trial and error so far, and it’s been quite the bumpy ride. But also really interesting and fun. I guess that’s what they mean when they say things like, “It takes 8 years to become an overnight success.”

To be clear, I am not in it to become an overnight success. I am committed to bringing you a valuable, kickass newsletter for 2 reasons:

  1. I am determined to make a full-time income from having fun. And writing about my life experiences — combined with tried-and-true confidence tips from experts — in the hopes it helps others feel seen and validated is so rewarding.
  2. Through my struggles with bouts of depression and anxiety over the last several years (really after I became a mom, and consequently, had a crushing identity crisis), I have learned that mindset is everything. And I mean everything. You are what you read, what you wear, and who you surround yourself with. Because I now possess the mental health toolkit fit for a boujee, wellness-obsessed millennial like myself, I want to share my mental health toolkit with my fellow boujee, wellness-obsessed millennials.
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Despite the business coach who told me I’m not going anywhere unless I incorporate video into my content (aka video myself on Instagram stories), I believe I will succeed without it.

Because here’s the thing about Instagram stories and TikTok and Clubhouse — they’re trends. They’re driven by algorithms and SEO. While I see the benefit of these trends in others’ businesses and personal forms of entertainment, I am not a trend-follower. I am a trend-setter.

And I want to attract READERS! Not video consumers. After all, us writers are all some version of introvert.

All of that to say…

For the boujee millennial who seeks a life of wellness bliss, I am committed to providing you with the best articles on mindset health still, but with a boujee twist, delivered to your inbox every Sunday. You can check out past articles here.

SO! To Recap!

To the woman who thinks dressing up, putting makeup on, and ordering a $16 glass of champagne on a Tuesday is “ridiculous,” this newsletter isn’t for you.

This newsletter is all about mindset health, with a particular emphasis on living the good life — aka a life of boujee.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

If you’re on board with this new boujee-as-self-improvement category I have carved out for us, please share it with your friends! And do let me know what you want to read about. I love hearing from you. Let’s keep taking a sip of good vibes together.

PS! Are you a fellow writer looking to grow your readership? Or simply looking for a writer friend that gets it? I am always open to collaborating with writers & supporting their work however I can. Email me @ if you want to discuss further.

Keep being you.

Xo, Ashley

Ashley is a writer based in Connecticut. She is currently working on a memoir focusing on the motherhood identity crisis, and believes laughter (and champagne) with friends is the best medicine.

You can sign up for her newsletter here, and can keep up with her on Instagram here.



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