It’s All About How We See It

People talk about walking meditation, and you might already know that I do some serious walking and non-thinking. The kind of walking that you’re surprised when you get to your turn-around point and give thanks that your feet knew what they were doing, because your mind was somewhere else completely.

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A mountain or a mound?

Shadows are my thing these days. I saw this one on my way out one morning. I marveled at the jagged, scary picture it painted. Frightening to climb and painful to land on. And yet, you need to know something. This mountain was hardly more than a mound. It’s just the way it looked that day. (Tweet This)

Which of course made me think. How many obstacles do we circumvent, or shy away from entirely because they appear too daunting?

But if we took one step at a time, assessing our path, learning as we go, without doubt we will eventually climb over to the other side.

It’s all about how we see it. (Tweet This)

Because these words are all about freeing my mind and yours. Here’s a question for you.

Does anyone else see the gnome with the pointy nose, his shoulder hunched, and eyes closed finishing his morning meditation walk?

Photo by Author

Stay well, stay kind.




No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Sharing thought-provoking stories from the side streets of life. Words to make you pause, ponder and reflect; to help you understand your life just a bit more.

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