Just Three Seconds

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The ability to stop before you touch the world

The measure of the responsibility of a man is to know when to stop when he doesn’t know — when he is undecided. Three seconds are enough to take full possession of yourself, the ability to stop before touching the world.

This immobility creates the force that then will manifest in action.

The world doesn’t need your complaining –battles are not won spreading one’s own fear, accusing and feeling sorry for yourself.

The world needs to be inspired…

Three seconds in contact with yourself

They contain the infinite

It’s great news, and yet, ‘stopping’ , ‘repossessing’ (regaining) yourself for three seconds is an impossible feat.

‘Doing’ by not doing, making things happen by being still. This is the warrior’s ‘watch’, his wake of immobility. His apparent rest is really putting the world in order. It only takes three seconds.

It’s so simple and so powerful, but without a real understanding it’s impossible.

One, two, three…

I’m here…


this is ‘doing’, power, happiness…

Possessing yourself for three seconds. It’s the will that works. A voluntary ‘will,’ conscious — fully aware of itself can’t be attacked by unconsciousness any more than light can be attacked by darkness…

Humanity lives by reaction, a zoological species guided by external signals, reactivity is slavery, impotence, lack of will, awareness and light.

Problems are resolved from inside. When a man begins to govern himself, the world knows, when you have solved yourself, when you have stopped complaining, accusing and regretting, you’ve freed the world. Living the moment in its totality is the solution of all and for all.

When I have this victory inside I feel gratitude for everyone, I want everyone to win, to be successful, when you feel a blessing from inside the world is blessed and you can’t have enemies, or antagonists or obstacles..

“At this moment, I’m in charge of myself and nothing is external.” This is not the affirmation of a presumptuous man, but the realization of a state of awareness that makes us get up in the morning with a smile , puts us in a state of gratitude and makes us bless everyone and everything.

When you feel pain inside you have to resolve it. You can’t move until you become a master. Three seconds of totality, three seconds of real power moves mountains, possessing yourself is the lever that moves the world. It’s you that gives life. The external is only a reflection conditioned by you.

‘God’ helps us if we’re ever missing someone firm and centred, someone who remembers. As soon as you wander and you’re distracted you enter into an infernal machine that you yourself have created. Until there’s this voice everything goes back into place, everything finds a solution…

A school of being should teach immobility, real ‘doing’ is suspending every action until you are fully ‘in charge’ of yourself.

‘Now I’m fine, I feel that I’m bringing awareness, richness, beauty, joy and happiness, it’s my responsibility to not give up even an inch of this well-being, its disappearance means having fallen into the imaginary, into lies,

One, two, three seconds, I feel victory inside…

One two three seconds I feel the victory…

for the first time…

A second time doesn’t exist…

Victory is inexhaustible, there is no beginning and no end, it’s always there, available, you can take advantage of it when you want, what’s missing is you!

Losing this state of grace, entering in the world without this victory inside means being ‘done in’ by our own pyramid, it’s our own dependents that eliminate us — cutting us down in the same way the subjects of a kingdom would decapitate a king who no longer served or took care of them…

Three seconds to ‘repossess’ yourself and you’ll feel the world become lighter, memory vanishes, only the instant counts, and you’ll wish those three seconds were forever.



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Elio D'Anna

Elio D'Anna

Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of @eseschool, best-selling author, businessman, musician and producer https://linktr.ee/eliodanna