Learning from news as a reflection

the thought of understanding my email for today at least…

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov Unsplash

Reading from my email from the New York times, I realized this is the story or like this topic which is “Russia’s war in Ukraine is especially dangerous after decades of relative peace worldwide”, really amplifies that even if the cold war ended with a conclusion of “proxy conflicts”, our world has changed normally. Yet, assumedly, that I been looking around my medium blogs, many people have written this or this stuff just shows up in the news. Like I notably don’t care, but it’s a grave concern to the writers and reports who write about these articles as attention for audiences to hear.

Karl Marx, once said that,
“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” Meaning, we shouldn’t take history has a blind eye of what it teaches in the past of why history context connects to the present, even if it’s just mockery to learning history.

Learning that “China has benefited from this “liberal order and globalization”. It makes things that China has grown to be a true rival, and a business and regional influence. But Biden, I feel just makes things worse. Criticizing, the fact that Russia’s invasion and the president to step down, probably had enraged the Russian president’s behaviors. Meaning being more ambitious to strike through and precise to the Ukraine country by just dropping two rocket strikes. I believe this is a highly urgent question. What made both of these countries in the past decade to be enemies to one another? Oh, it’s a thought question, but what made it seem like having to see war again, and seeing people separated or getting killed. It’s just a thought that I think things make the world not safe. Yet, nobody had taken the signals from last year of this strikeout, that has happened already. Or it may happen once again, from not saying a word. It just feels like seeing this every time, I read my fun blogs or stuff like on the news, I learned I need to appreciate to whoever writes on the news articles or blogs, or anything that was concerning to people.



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