Look For the Little Things (and Enjoy Them) While You Still Can

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The world is a noisy place. It’s filled with loud mouths and attention-seeking losers.

Things that one can flaunt have only increased since the dawn of time. Yet there is a giant void of sadness in these attention-seeking losers.

How do I know? I was one of them.

Attention Seeking Screwed Me Out of Happiness

Anything more than needed is poison.

I was told to follow this little line in grade school. My number of years on Earth were low (although they still are) but I was taught nonetheless. Then I was told about it again in college. The only difference then was that I thought it didn’t matter anymore.

I instead craved attention with a brand new desire to be a Youtuber. I began stat-whoring my way to the 16 videos uploaded. After the 16th video, I didn’t feel the excitement.

I didn’t feel happy.

The Age of Abundance tarnished my Life

Media’s job is to make every problem your problem — Naval Ravikant

The internet is ever-present. It wouldn’t make a difference if media is replaced with social media. You can watch anything from everything on there.

We have countless materials to own. I still have countless insta-stories to go through. Innumerable things to compare me with others.

There are way too many problems in the world for a human brain to process them minute by minute.

Don’t be the person who does. The online world, despite its pros, has deep-rooted flaws. It has something about everything and everything about something.

The part of my life where there was way too much material to go around overwhelmed me.

In this age of abundance, choose the valuable quiet things over loud garbage.

Gratefulness Swooned Over Me

I think there is a lot of beauty in the ordinary and little things. Isn’t that kinda the point in living?

I realised there is a better way to live. I hoped of having happiness one day like it was a target to be hit in a corporate meeting.

I began to understand to live a better life, or even a better day, I needed to accept what I already had over what I didn’t. I realised that a good chat with a family member can be more powerful than working overtime for an extra stereo set.

Craving for attention and material over peace of mind is the fastest way to ruin your life.

The world is finite. Its resources are finite. You have a limited time on this blue ball. It is far better to live a good one day instead of hoping for a great one day and not living at all.

There is no better way to live a good one day than enjoying the little things. To do so, just remember; enjoy it while you still can.



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Aditya Dave

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