Manoj reached the Office where he had to

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The alarm tone of the mobile phone started playing in Manoj’s room. 2 minutes later, the alarm was ringing but with more frequency forcing Manoj to wake up. After waking up, Manoj quickly turned off the alarm and saw that it was 6:05 in the morning. Then, he got up from his bed, freshened up, brushed his teeth, and took a shower. When he came out of the bathroom, his wife had already made his clothes ready and kept them on the bed. Manoj wore his clothes and moved towards the dining table to have his breakfast of two ‘Aloo ke Parathe’ with a little bowl of curd. He pulled a chair and sat for his breakfast, but before he started to eat, he booked a cab-ride online to the railway station which was around 30km away from his place. Then, he had his breakfast, put his important documents inside his backpack, hugged his wife, said ‘Bye’ to her, and went to the place which he had mentioned as a reference point while booking the cab. After 9 minutes, the cab arrived and made him reach the station 15 minutes before the arrival of his train.

By the train, he reached the city where he had some work in, followed by, he reached the office where he had to, by an auto-rickshaw. Manoj entered the office. It was a busy office. Past entering the office, Manoj took out a piece of paper from his backpack and had a look at it. It seemed like there was some information on the paper about something he had to do in the office. He moved forward and was constantly looking at the nameplates outside the many chambers in the office. His face was noticeably showing that he was not able to get what he was looking for. Then, he went to the toilet to freshen up. When he was leaving the toilet, he thought of asking a guy who was washing his hands by the wash-basin, what he was looking for.

Manoj (to the guy in the toilet): Excuse me. Can you please help me finding Mr. Chaterjee here?

The Guy (after he finished washing his hands): Sure, but may I know why are you looking for him?

Manoj (while showing the piece of paper he was holding that time): Yes….. for this……

Manoj gave that piece of paper to the guy so that he could read it appropriately.

The Guy (to Manoj, while reading that piece of paper): Ohh. So, you want this machine to be set up.

The Guy (continues, while giving back the paper to Manoj): Mr. Chaterjee is not in the office right now and he would be back in 3 to 4 hours, but, you don’t worry, I would call Mr. Chaterjee and ask him what to do. I am calling him now.

They came out of the toilet. The guy phone-called Mr. Chaterjee. While he was talking to Mr. Chaterjee on the phone, Manoj was curiously looking at the guy.

The Guy (to Manoj): I have talked about everything with Mr. Chaterjee. I will make all the arrangements for the machine and the paperwork related to it. When Mr. Chaterjee comes, he will only have to sign the papers and meet you, nothing else. Till I make the arrangements for you………..

While talking to Manoj, the guy took him to the waiting area of the office and made some arrangements for Manoj to have a seat there.

The Guy (continues…..): Please make yourself comfortable here. If you take a left from the entrance of this room, followed by a right, then you would reach the canteen of our office. By the way, I am Shrikant Verma (while saying this, he shook hands with Manoj) and now, please allow me to get your work done.

Manoj: I am Manoj Tripathi and thank you so much for what you are doing.

After a little bit of wait, Mr.Shrikant was ready with all the important documents and the things required for setting up the machine. Then, he called Manoj for the same. Manoj and Mr. Shrikant started working on the machine the documents related to it. All of these works took around 3 hours and 30 minutes to get completed.

Afterward, Mr. Chaterjee arrived, met Manoj, and put his signatures on the documents related to the documents. Mr. Shrikant took Manoj to the canteen.

Mr. Shrikant (to Manoj): Don’t worry about the machine and your ride to the station. I have made all the arrangements. I will drop you and your machine at the station by my car. Right now, you just decide what you want to have, ‘Chole-Poori’ or ‘Masala Dosa’. They make very good of them here.

Manoj (cheerfully): Okay, then I would have both ‘Chole-Poori’ and ‘Masala Dosa’ both.

Mr. Shrikant (with excitement): Okay. Let’s have them.

Then, they both moved to make their orders at the counter as it was a self-service canteen. After enjoying their food, Mr. Shrikant took Manoj to visit some beautiful places in the city and at last, dropped Manoj at the railway station. Mr. Shrikant hanged out with Manoj till his train arrived.

Two and a half hours later, Manoj reached his home at 9:20 PM. He was very tired at that time. He freshened up and went to his bed for having a good sleep, but that time, his phone rang. Manoj saw on the phone-screen that it was Rohan’s call. Manoj picked up the call.

Rohan (in a hurry): Hey Manoj, have you got the parcel from Nishant?

Manoj: Which parcel?………..oh, I remember now, I think you had told me about it last week. Sorry man, I had some urgent work for which I had gone out of town today and reached home just half an hour ago.

Rohan: But, you had promised me, man, I also should have reminded you, but you know how much hard-work is there in regular 10–8 Jobs, only people doing the job can understand the hardship we have to go through. That’s why I had told you to help me a bit. I live 14km away from Nishant’s house and your house is hardly 6km far from his house. I am thinking that you go to Nishant’s house and I would take the parcel from your house. What do you say? Can’t it be done right now?

Manoj: Sorry Rohan. I am really very tired now. I can’t help you this time.

Rohan: Okay. I would get it by myself. Good Night.

Manoj: Good Night………..

Then, Rohan cuts the phone-call.

Rohan (to his wife): He is a good friend of mine, had promised me to do this thing, but he can’t take out a little time out of his day for his friend………..

At the same time,

Manoj (to his wife): He is only thinking about his own work. He is not understanding that I had a hectic and busy today and I am very tired now but he just wants to get his work done………..



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