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Here is a list I put together of great resources to become more knowledgable in JavaScript and front end development.

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Assuming you already have some basic understanding of the fundamentals and workings of JavaScript, these books and tutorials can help you to take your skills to the next level — and they’re all free!

JavaScript Stack From Scratch

Hosted on GitHub, JS Stack From Scratch is a tutorial that goes through about 25 different JavaScript libraries and tools to put together a nice stack. There are plenty of resources and blog posts out there about how to use all of these tools, but this will give you a more in-depth understanding of how these things work under the hood.

You Don’t Know JS Yet

This is another GitHub repo that is comprised of 6 mini-books that should take about 6–10 hours to get through. Often, developers know how to put code together and they know that it works, but the problem is that they don’t know how or why it works, just that it does. The series is meant to encourage developers to learn more of why things work in JavaScript.

There are quizzes and exercises to do as you follow along which make sure that you have absorbed the material, so I recommend going through them all without skipping anything and they are meant to be read in the same order they are listed.

Eloquent JavaScript

Now in its third edition, this book is recommended because of the author’s ability to clearly explain the concepts, but it might be too advanced for novice developers. This is also something that can get done quickly as long as you take the proper time to focus — turn off Netflix, and chill later.

There are 21 chapters in the book and you’ll build out 5 projects while going through the material. The projects consist of building a robot that performs a specific task, your own (simple) programming language, a small platform game, a pixel drawing program, and finally, a skill-sharing website. Each of the projects are designed to cover a broad range of JavaScript concepts and can also help you to build out a nice portfolio. Win-win.

Front-End Developer Handbook 2019

If you are interested in front end development, this would be a great place to start. It is a detailed guide on a broad range of subjects that you should familiarize yourself with because it covers front end practices, technologies, current trends and even upcoming technologies. The reason I included this book in this post is that it has a focus on HTML, CSS, the DOM and JS.

The difference between a good engineer and a great one is the willingness to go deeper and truly understand the ins and outs of coding. Great engineers aren’t born great. It takes time, effort, and grit. Hopefully, this list can help you on your quest to get there.

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