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The last 10 Crypto facts were quite lengthy and a crash course on: who, what, where, when, why. As of lately Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Jim Jones, Lil Yatchy, Ray J, as well as Warren Buffet, and Banks and so many more continue to rave. On earnyourleaisure podcast - Jim Jones adds his 2 coins.

Jim Jones on Crypto & NFT (32 min. marker)

In February 2021 we first noticed the term “NFT” from are “brotha” @19_keys(insta). And December 2020 we first heard the term “Digital Real-Estate” from @brotherbenx (insta). Non-Fungible Token aka NFT, being intrigued by the term we did some research and found the NFT’s are literally digital real estate. This digital real-estate includes acres of land, art, restaurants, and allowing some users to build, explore and roam all on a virtual reality platform with REAL world value.

Dencentraland-coin (wink, wink) aka the company MANA.

I got a chance to speak with the NFT cover art creator personally and was told by Stephen creates these rare art’s with python.”

NFT’s can be purchased on “” the link below . . .

Promo code: Wing

Don’t hold lightly NFT’s are moving faster than we think. With VR gaming only gaining popularity a possible surge is to come.

Fun Facts

“Recently an NFT just sold for over 60 Million u.s dollars on Beeple.”

“Jack Dorsey recently sales private tweet over 2 million”

“NFT’s operate on smart contracts such as ethereum (ETH).”

“NFT tweets (private tweets & art tweets) can be purchased & created on apps.”

“R&B artist Ray J creates his own crypto-currency.”

“10 Crypto Facts” — published on.



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