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Oct 30 · 3 min read

For the Conscious Writer

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You’re going to the edge and leaping over it. No one is going to understand that and don’t expect anyone to. Not even the few that have known you and understood you you’re entire life. Conscious writing leads you to new horizons. Conscious writing is going to take you to places you want and then it’s going to show you the places where you need to go. These are often two different things. But first, know that people are going to place their own fears and insecurities on you. They are going to make you question things you didn’t even think of doubting the minute you made this commitment. Just know, deep down in that beautiful soul of yours that those are not your worries to carry.

There’s a basic set of fears and one of them is money. Money is the first reason someone is going to steer you right off course. We know we need to make money to pay the bills. We are well aware that to keep the lights on, we need currency. What I’m saying here isn’t that you shouldn’t be paid for your craft. What I am saying is money should not steer you away from your craft. And I’m not going to say it will be easy. Not for one second, but a lost and starving soul is far far worse than a fat bank account.

So when someone’s biggest fear is not having enough money, what lines will you be fed with their fears?

“Oh, but that job isn’t going to pay the bills.”

“Oh, but that’s not the type of work that gets the ladies. They need a man who can provide.” or

“How you going to take care of yourself and be an independent woman while doing this?”

There are many under-handed ways these comments reach us. And these comments are the lions I was talking about in The Writer’s Den. These comments are strong. These comments rule the animal kingdom. And they will bring you down with one mindless swipe to the jugular. They are logical reasons to put the writing away for when you have time or when you have more money.

I’m here to remind you, these fears aren’t yours. The lion kills other lions in fear of losing leadership over the pride. They swipe at you with their own fears and insecurities. Look at them, the ones bringing you down, and think of their advice as a mirror to themselves. Those are not your worries, those are theirs.

We as conscious writers have put in our effort by writing through all our fears. We have patiently watched and supported other’s success while we built our discipline, healed our hurts, and fed our minds. We as conscious writers, are aware of the options we have outside of the norm. We are aware of the impending failures. Failure no longer hinders us because we’ve already failed, but

we have risen time and time again.

As conscious writers we are in our purpose.

We are on our path and we cannot let other’s worries deter us from where we were born to be.

You are strong. You are wise and you are so fucking unstopable

Keep going

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