Poems on Minerals

These poems go through some of my favourite minerals.


You are so simple!

Yes you are!

Simple structure,

SiO2 or SiO4,

When combined!

You can be clear,

Yet impure,

Even mystical!


You are a beauty,

My little Serpentine,

Your green scales,

Shine bright,

In the setting sun,

You are my little Olivine,

Hydrated like no other.



The stone of Royals,

Ever Emerald Green,


Hold this Holystone,

It is rebirth,


Death at the same time,

Wavy structures,

Reach into dreams.



No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Hunor Deak

BSc Geology graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Worked as a Student Ambassador, Office Aide, Receptionist and Social Media Rep. https://linktr.ee/HunorDeak