Powerful Hair Growth Oil to Regrow Lost Hair

I am sharing a gem of a remedy for hair regrowth and how you can grow back your lost hair permanently. This is one of the most strong hair growth oil which you can make at home using only natural ingredients and if used regularly will give you amazing results in just a couple of months.

since I have updated many hair growths and hair treatment remedies on medium but my thought is that some people need easier and in some places some material is not available at the point you can use any type of hair homemade. sharing some easy and effective remedies which helped us in hair growth.

This remedy is a 100 % effective solution that will help not only stop your extreme hair fall but give you amazing new growth. Before using any homemade remedy be positive if your positive you will get results.

How to Make oil?

  1. Fenugreek seeds
  2. Nigella seeds
  3. A carrier oil like coconut/almond/olive/sesame
  4. Castrol oil

Take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds & a tablespoon of nigella seeds mixed these seeds and grand by hand, not in grander.

Photo by google on Chrome

Here take some Castrol oil and any other oil mixed these 2 oil in one container add these little grand seeds on that oil, you have to keep the oil under the sun for 2 weeks before you start using it.

You can use this oil as your regular oil.

you can store this oil for 6+ months.

Photo by google On chrome



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