Prepare These Specially Curated, Ready-Made Brews and Craft Blends for Your Holiday Cocktail Hour

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Volume I of a Three-Part Series — Mixed Drinks and Beers

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Whether you have been recruited by your colleagues to plan the office Christmas party, are arranging a private soiree with friends at a hot and happening chic venue, or are planning a quiet, intimate gathering at home for family members, it’s essential that you have all the makings for the perfect cocktail. As the resident mixologist in charge, you don’t have to mix anything. Just order or purchase ready-made, signature blends from these exceptional companies. Sprinkle in some tasty cuisine, and holiday décor, and you are well on your way to hosting the holiday party of the year.

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Monaco Cocktails

Having two shots of premium spirits to each can, these craft cocktails are gluten free, malt free, and contain 9% ABV. The vodka soda flavors are tropical and lemon lime. The craft cocktails blend features Moscow Mule, Classic Mai Tai, and Kentucky Mule. The base cocktail line flavors include Tequila Sun Crush, Citrus Rush, Tropic Rush, Blue Crush, Tequila Lime Crush, Cranberry, Mango Peach, Purple Crush, and Black Raspberry.

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Shiner Beer

Spoetzl Brewery has been brewing Shiner Beer since 1909. Add the Shiner 1909 Heritage Lager to your party’s beverage menu. Brewed in 2021, it is crafted with the company’s proprietary lager yeast, artesian well water, Noble hops, and Heritage 2-row barley. Other brews include the Shiner Bock, Shiner Light Blonde, Toasted Amber Lager, Shiner S’more, Shiner Trail Ale, and of course, Shiner Holiday Cheer.

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Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer

With zero sugar, 80 calories per can, and 4% ABV, the flavorful drink will be a great edition to your party. There are a number of fruity flavors that include Cranberry Orange, Raspberry Truffle, Grapefruit Juniper, Apple Cider, Grapefruit Splash, Cherry, Lime Chiller, Strawberry Citrus Smash, and Lemon Refresher. Pick up a Winter Warmer or The Multipack. You’ll get a variety of flavors in one case. Spike and spice things up with more than 30 recipes featuring the hard seltzer.

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Partake Brewing

Ted Fleming launched this company because he wanted nonalcoholic beers that would have great taste, variation, and authenticity. Flavors include Lime, IPA, Blonde, Ale, Red, Peach Gose, Radler and Dark. Check out the Partake Brewing Blog to get great tips on preparing next level cocktails at your yuletide party.

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Tip Top Proper Cocktails

Founded by in 2018 by childhood friends and music industry insiders, Neal Cohen and Yoni Reisman, this tantalizingly delicious cocktail series includes a Manhattan, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Bee’s Knees, Margarita, and Daiquiri. The cocktails, which can be purchased in cases of eight, were crafted by well-known Atlanta mixologist Miles Macquarrie of Kimball House and Watchman’s. The petite, 100ml cans are now available on Delta flights.

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Cutwater Frozen Cocktail Pops & Canned Cocktails

Cutwater founder and master distiller Yusef Churney turned his hobby into a company that offers an array of wonderfully tasty cocktails to add to your Christmastime celebration. Start with the frozen cocktail spirit pops and frozen margarita spirit pops. The alcoholic frozen treats are gluten free, have all natural flavors, and are less than 80 calories each. Add the canned cocktails which have more than 30 flavors include White Russian, Long Island Iced Tea, Rum Mint Mojito, Vodka Transfusion, and Whisky Mule. Pick up the Holiday 12-pack, Vodka Soda 8-pack, and Tequila 6-pack.

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Bud Light Beer

You’ll be the life of the party when you enter with a case of the world-famous Bud Light beer. Each can has 4.2 ABV, 110 calories, 6.6g carbs, and 0g fat. Add Bud Light Peels in Lime Lager, Lemonade Lager, Orange Lager, and Grapefruit Lager to the list. Round out the alcoholic beverages roll with Bud Light Chelada and the more than seven seltzers including Bud Light Seltzler Nog, and Bud Light Platinum.

This article is a part of the holiday wine and spirits series which features liquors and alcohols in Volume II as well as wines and champagnes in Volume III.

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