In 200 words, 1 picture, and 3 links

Constructed image of six repeat images, six photos stacked in a grid, two rows of three images each, all the same photo of Vladimir Putin pointing with a pen in his hand, extending his arm out in front of him and up into the air like he’s stabbing something or pointing ‘onward’ (or exuberantly pointing to a reporter in the back of the room, enjoying his celebrity), while he is seated at a table, in front of microphones. Original photo from the kremlin.ru
Vlad the Inveigler | original pic: kremlin.ru, CC BY 3.0

Putin’s the world’s angry ex. We’ve moved on, and they can’t find happiness on their own; endlessly reliving the past, on toxic loop, attempting to get a do-over on the relationship they can’t accept is over. Trying to relitigate the past, drawing others into it. Not respecting boundaries. Causing everyone around them misery.




No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Peter Froehlich

Peter Froehlich

Passionate about accelerating valuable change, MBA in marketing, entrepreneurship, and supply chain, BA in comparative literature, English and Latin

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