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Rising from the slump

Earlier this year I started with a goal that I would write a minimum of 12 posts and 4 youtube videos. I managed to get in 6 articles pretty fast, even a video was in, on youtube

Then came the slump no videos, apparently making videos are tough. Framing a concept and shooting it is really difficult, maybe even more difficult is facing the camera for introverts like me. Or it might be the feeling of being judged.

I have read x books, seen y videos there is a lot more out there to read and see and learn but at some point we need to put the books aside and tie the shoe laces and go out for the run. We need to go and get the morning sun, we need to sit down and work through the slump. Waiting for motivation is tricky. When is the motivation above threshold? Some days it is over the bar, that is again like the rare moments in time. No can say if I would have 12 such bouts and complete the writing goal. So where to go from here?

Go back to process, trust the process and most important work with the process, not against it. Let’s see a small framework to make it possible. I run a small 90 day program to help people get jobs or skill up . I basically run this for my own selfish interests. I want to figure out a short framework for myself and my friends are my guinea pigs. Success rate is decent.


The goal in itself should be big enough to scare you but not of a scale that scares the shit out of you. The one where you feel maybe not today but just maybe with bit of effort and guidance I can make it through.

How to approach it ? Like we approach a big pizza, a slice at a time and then a nibble at a time. No big strategy there, right? Break it down in to smaller goals. Build it out like a game. Everyone starts at level one and it needs to be achievable. People need to get hooked and go in the second round where the boss is difficult from the first one and so on. This is a crucial step. Spend some time here and revisit but don’t get stuck in the planning paralysis, we need to get moving.

“Small wins are exactly what they sound like, and are part of how keystone habits create widespread changes.”
Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change

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No rocket science here. Fitness is paramount.If you want to do better than you were doing, you need to be in a better physical and mental state . Exercise is a ritual in itself. Everyday is 0 day where you decide should I get in the groove and do the repetitions. It is not fun, if you can play a sport I would prefer that. Get the burn and the drive to play also, but, sadly sports becomes difficult to approach. Lack of plying partners, managing time with others and more. So back to board with exercise. Start small go for a walk, try the seven minutes exercise and slowly ramp it up. GO for a run, try the 2x 7 minutes.

Best time to exercise is morning, this way you will never miss. Mornings you have very low probability of running into a situation where you ned to miss on exercise. IMO you should not miss on exercise. If you are in good health you can achieve more, be it studies or work or life in general. Evening exercise has its benefits too. After a stress-full day it can really help to blow off steam.

Make it public

Put out a google sheet and fill in daily, add people as trackers. Add your commitments there. When you write it down your whole body gravitates towards reaching for it. When you make it public within your friends or family. You get a variety of cheerleaders. Naysayers, yes-sayers wht-fook sayers. All kind of things but most important an unsaid commitment.

When you daily update it you get a sense of what you have done today, instead of thinking in your head you have done a lot, why not document it and see how far you have covered today.

It also acts as a source of motivation. Days you can look at it and see day one or day ten and see how far you have come. You kind of become your own inspiration. The past self who got his act together and went ahead and completed the ritual

People also from time to time act as reminder. Suddenly out of blue they will ask what happened to your goal?

Deep Work

Amount of time spent sitting in front of the book or computer is rarely equal to time spent on the problem statement. I wrote something on it.

This is the sign you were looking for. Go burn out in glory, don’t fade away.

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