Romancing The Customer — A Digital Marketing Strategy that works

Here is how a customer goes from not knowing anything about your brand to actively promoting it.

  1. Eye to Eye
  2. Voice to Voice
  3. Hand to Hand
  4. Arm to Shoulder
  5. Arm to Waist / Back (Hug)
  6. Mouth to Mouth
  7. Hand to Head
  8. Hand to Body
  9. Mouth to Body
  10. Hand to ______
  11. Mating

The 8 Stages of The Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy Are As Follows:

Step 1: Announcing the brand or Show of Strength

The first step of the customer value journey would be to make people aware of the brand.

Step 2: Strike up a conversation and engage with them

The next step is to engage the customers who have followed and liked the brand pages with interesting content.

Step 3: Get their Contact Info

At this step, we would like to get customer contact details.

Step 4: Ask them out on a date!

Next is getting the consumer to convert.

Step 5: Surprise them and Excite them!

At this step, when they actually purchase the product, we excite them with something. This adds to the amount of value the customer will get by purchasing from us.

Step 6: Take the next step or Elevate.

At this stage, the customer will come back and purchase by themselves, if at all we have implemented the earlier steps correctly.

Step 7: The First Kiss

Here is where we collect reviews across all media that we own online. We ask buying customers to review our products.

Step 8: You definitely should meet them, they are so much fun

Here is where the customers become brand ambassadors themselves and start promoting the brand to their peers.



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