Skating to Where the Puck is Going to Be

Se7en Game Changers for Organizations to Thrive in Digital Transformations

Photo: Wayne Gretzky Timeline

Fundamental Insights

The Wave of the Future. Illustration: Kirpich and Berry

The Organization at the Center of the Universe → Customers at the Center of the Universe


Organizations as Tayloristic Machines → Organizations as Complex, Adaptive Systems

Illustration © Brett Ryder, The Economist
Illustration: Ayo Belajar Bersama

Strategy as Chess → Strategy as Football

Photo: Graham Cluley
Photo: The Inquirer

Leadership: Command and Control → Alignment for Autonomy

Source: Stephen Bungay. Illustration: Henrik Kniberg.

Ways of Working: Resource Efficiency → Flow Efficiency

Source: Niklas Modig & Pär Åhlström. Photo: Håkan Forss.

Learning: Fixed Mindset → Growth Mindset

Finance: Yearly Budgets → Beyond Budgeting

Illustration: Erik Schön

Essential Questions

Illustration: Erik Schön.

For Further Inspiration and Learning





Ways of Working



Essential Questions




No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Erik Schön

From hacker, software researcher and system engineer to leader, executive and strategizer. Writer: #ArtOfLeadership #ArtOfStrategy