Solar Energy Trends in mid-2021

What’s Trending in Solar?

Rafał Rybnik
Apr 14 · 3 min read

Sustainable energy is on the rise across the world for good reason. With climate change taking centre stage, more people are looking for alternatives to standard fuel that’s typically harmful to the ozone layer and our atmosphere. And for those of us looking to do our part at home, going solar is increasingly popular.

Businesses are also picking up steam on solar, in part due to the energy savings they can use to boost bottom lines and to prepare for the effects of climate change, but also from consumer demand, where discerning shoppers are turning to more sustainable businesses and products that reduce the harm on the environment and leave a lower carbon footprint.

Rooftop solar has been around for decades, but technology never sleeps. Here are some advances and trends to look out for in 2021 as more people and businesses switch to using affordable, clean solar energy.

Here are the top trends in solar energy for 2021.

Transparent PV

Solar Roof allows powering home with the seamless solar system. This will come in handy in areas with local landscape restrictions. (video from Tesla)

Solar Cars and More Electric Vehicles

How solar is that solar car? (figure from Scientific Gems)

As more people adopt EVs and make their homes and businesses EV-friendly, solar comes into play here too. For instance, you can add solar panels just to your garage rooftop to provide energy to your electric vehicle so your electric bill doesn’t take such a big hit.

More String Inverters

(figure from How to predict solar energy production)

Increased Focus on Battery Storage

Energy demand is growing on every continent, and finding better ways to generate clean, affordable solar energy is top of mind in 2021. Let’s make this year a good one for the planet because a cleaner energy future is always on-trend.

An Idea (by Ingenious Piece)

Everything Begins With An Idea

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