Success Is What Makes You Happy

Anyone who is after good “time and self-management” is looking for ways to succeed. But what actually IS success?

My answer to this question, simply put:

Success is what makes you satisfied. And satisfied is who achieves what he or she has set out to do.

What are YOUR plans? Do you know what you want to achieve? What is important to you? Your priorities?

Honestly now: When was the last time you asked yourself these questions or even answered them? What is so important to you personally to invest time and energy? I am talking about those things that are important to YOU. NOT other people, such as customers, bosses, employees, partners, etc.?

When was the last time you questioned why you do all the things you do every day?

Are you up to date on what you want to achieve in the short, medium or long term? For yourself? And just NOT for OTHER people? Do you know WHAT satisfaction and success mean to YOU? That is NOT other people!?

Have you ever answered these questions for yourself concretely and in detail? Or do you simply accept many of them — consciously or unconsciously?

Drawing by the Author

Using Your Compass

If you’re wondering how you can become better, more successful, or at least a little happier, a good start is to answer the following questions:

  • What are (life) areas in which I would really LIKE to engage? From the bottom of my heart, that is?
  • What EXACTLY do I want to spend my time and energy in these areas?
  • Why? What are the reasons behind it? What do I REALLY hope to get out of it?
  • What EXACTLY do I want to achieve in the various areas?

When addressing these questions, be careful not to formulate actual or assumed requirements from the people around you in “anticipatory obedience”. Instead, give yourself the most honest answers possible.

Don’t worry: No one will know but you. Because you do it only for yourself.

Your answers result in a compass which you can orient yourself reliably. ALWAYS and IN ALL LIFE SITUATIONS. From the smaller everyday decisions to the larger life choices.

The more honest you are treating yourself, the better will be your base for personal happiness and success.

Of course, this does NOT mean that you will get EVERYTHING that is important to you or that you would like to achieve. After all, there are still many limitations, obstacles and constraints that life has prepared. We all still have to deal with that! What you plan and wish for, will most certainly only be achievable in an adapted and partial way.

However, only that way your goals, priorities, plans or wishes will have a chance to be realized. BUT this very likely with maximum success. Because:

Only wishes that are outspoken can be fulfilled.

Drawing by the Author

About the Author

Photo by Edgar Rodehack

Edgar Rodehack is a teamwork enthusiast with a preference for Agile forms of collaboration. So it’s good that he does this for a living. He is an organizational consultant, business and agile coach, moderator and facilitator. Also, he’s married with three kids, and he really enjoys making music, writing and reading. (Email) (Homepage)
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