The 1 Most Important Tool You Should Have on Your Smart Phone!

That 1 tool can change your life for the better!

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Smartphones since its inception have become a dominant force in our lives. For many of us our Smartphones keep everything we use and need in a tightly compact box.

The most powerful computer in the palm of your hand

But for many of us we still have not grasped the power that is the Smartphone. For many, if you look at their phones it’s full of social media apps that keep their users entertained for hours on end with no return on investment.

But if you look further, you will notice that most do not have or use any apps that can help them change jobs, banking etc.

That’s sad!

What a waste of perfectly good computing power!

The sad thing is we think we know how to use our phones! Did you know you if you have an iPhone you have the ability to scan documents?

Many of us don’t know that! I found out cause my Wife showed me how to do it.

Still, even with that, we choose to waste our time away on our little devices never really doing anything worth it’s weight.

We waste so much time on these phones!

All that being said for most of us we still do not have that 1 most important tool on our phones which can change our financial and social lives for the better and that tool is the…..


This tool can change your life!

That’s right folks! It’s not Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or whatever damn app you have on your phone! The most powerful tool in your phone should be the Resume!

I bet after reading all of this you are probably saying “Oooooohhhhh” and realize that you do not have a copy of your resume on your phone and telling yourself why you should have a copy of it on your phone?

Allow me to explain!

The power of having a Resume on your phone!

Having a Resume on your phone will allow you the power to be able to change quickly. For example your printer ran out of ink and the interview is in two hours! What to do! You can reboot your computer look for it and email it your self then run over to staples to print it.

Or you can save time have it already on your phone shower get dressed go to staples and print out a few copies from the staples copy machine. Grab it and head out for the interview and still have time to spare to prepare.

How about you were notified about a position you really wanted became available in your company and that Manager wants a copy of your Resume? Open your phone and either make a copy or email it to him or her in a matter of minutes!

It becomes very useful when Job Recruiters contact you on Linked In or through a job board asking for a copy of your Resume. Just open an email and place the resume as an attachment and swoosh! Off it goes to the Recruiter and it only took you less than a minute to do.

I cannot tell you how many times having an updated copy of my Resume in My phone has helped me get Jobs! When looking for work time is really important especially when dealing with Job Recruiters!

In short always be prepared!

Why having this tool on my phone is important.

Having a copy of your Resume on your phone is really important to have as it can change your life for the better! Being able to go from broke to well off in a matter of days can raise a person’s lifestyle Two fold.

With this tool called a Resume, it can help you save money, go on that vacation you wanted or maybe even buy that new property you have had your eye on for a while!

Yes, I know it’s sounds a bit hoky but by me having this tool with me I was able to get out of the inner city slums and into a more suburban lifestyle which I live in now.

Get into the habit of checking your Resume make sure you updated at least every month. Send your resume out to other employers to test the waters and see what comes up.

This tool is always being used by me whenever I have any down time. Check my emails or LinkedIn chat and Job Boards everyday to see if anyone has contacted you about a job opportunity and if they did then swoosh!! Off it goes to the Recruiter.

The Resume is the most important tool in your phone!

I say it again and again as I cannot emphasize this enough! Always have a copy of your Resume on your smartphone! This especially goes out to the people in my age group (Gen X) who still do things the way our Parents did them. We have to change that mindset and work leaner and faster. Especially in these times of Pandemic!

COVID destroyed many peoples jobs and now they are stuck!

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get your resume loaded up on your phone and get to fishing! There are Jobs out there ready to be found at a moments notice so be ready to strike at any time.

The early bird gets the worm.

That’s what they say and there is truth to that! The early bird always gets the best and fattest worms while the others eat scraps! Be the early bird my friend, be the early bird!

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