The Codes of the Temple of Broken Wisdom

Aimea Saul, The Book of Life

I call my Temple in the Dark, the Temple of Broken Wisdom. I have been broken more than once, but I have survived and have some wisdom because of this.

These are the Codes I live by. If you get to know me, you will sense them as they shape my actions, beliefs, and thoughts.

One Law

Accept personal responsibility for the choices you make within the whole Field of Choice provided by the Universe.

Note: The Field of Choice provided by the Universe is very different than the field of choice human societies allowed to their members in the long Dark Age of War as Life previous to The Age of Reverence. In those dark times, the field of choice humans allowed each other was governed by greed, fear, and hegemony, and destructively so. Manipulation of choice was used to control the individual and shape the lives of whole groups. Much great literature was devoted to elucidating the destructive consequences of limited, self-defeating, and contradictory choices a person had no choice but to make or die.

The Field of Choice that emerges from the Universe is anything that can be observed, imagined, or dreamed forth, and is considered sacrosanct by Wanderers. No one may manipulate or limit the Field of Choice available to themselves or anyone else for any reason.

Teresa of the First Generation of Wanderers: “There are no blockades between the individual and the Universe but the ones we each put there of our own volition. It is natural to be in continuous communion with the Universe and a state of mutilation is always indicated when an individual feels they are cut off. How are we cut off and how do we encourage others to cut themselves off?…inattention, arrogance, manipulation. As one small example, witness the various religious systems which enforce ignorance among different classes of people and enforce the idea that Truth comes from only some people and systems, but not from all. Such blockade systems exist everywhere in these cold midnight hours.”

Two Teachings

I. There is The Universe.

II. From The Universe all Things Unfold.

The Universe is simply the Ground of Our Being, the lowest (or highest, if you prefer) common denominator of all that Is, the Unified Field, the Tao, That Which Exists Prior to Differentiation, the Great Mystery, etc. It has no sex and every sex, no qualities and every quality, It is the Paradox and the Resolution of Paradox, the Riddle and the Solution, Matter and Energy. Quite simply It is Everything.

No thing is not a part of It.

From this vantage point, every Thing is sacred, sacrosanct, and perfect, just as it already is, just as it freely unfolds and enfolds back into All That Was, Is or Ever Shall Be.

Three Cardinal Virtues

Courage. Can you stand up for your beliefs while keeping your feet on the ground regardless of agreement or opposition?

Clarity. Do you understand your own mind well enough to know the difference between you and others, your wishes and what is possible, and your love and what is obsession, among other critical distinctions?

Compassion. Can you imagine yourself in the position of another and provide understanding, empathy, and support regardless of whether you know, like, understand, or agree with that person?

Four Plazas of Mind

The human mind operates in four dimensions I call Plazas. This construct is used to clarify and embody the Field of Choice available in any given situation. This aids me in making the most appropriate choice under known circumstances. This allows room for the emergence of previously unknown circumstances. It is here the Rites of Choice are enacted. It is here the Rites of Clarity are enacted (getting clear about emotions/thought constellations, etc). Transminders and Boundary Masters are the prime conductors of operations in the Four Plazas:

Day (the Visible). The world outside our bodies that stimulates our primary sensory receptors: peripheral (vision, audition, proprioceptors) and central (somatosensors, and the sense of where the plane of gravity is: vestibular).

Night (the Invisible). The world as mapped inside our bodies by organ systems with cells that integrate information generated within our body. All information that has stimulated a primary sensory receptor subsequently resides in proxy form inside the body.

Precedence. When one action must be chosen in any given moment above all others. Body actions include thought constructions, emotional type and intensity, as well as movements of one, some, or all parts of the body.

Communion. When all proxies must be integrated and perceived as a functional unit.

Teresa of the First Generation of Wanderers. Because the Universe is mapped among our many cells and what we call mind is a set of proxies obtained due to our living state among the many aspects of the Universe, our perceptions, thoughts, emotions, and actions are all proxies for the interaction of said Universal aspects within each of our living bodies. This is why human mind is so slippery. Unfortunately, we have considered what is mapped in us to be the Universe Itself instead of a set of proxies. What effects does this false assumption about our minds viz a vie the Universe have on our descriptions of the Universe and our relationship with It? This is a key question in the Temple of Broken Wisdom.

Five Angles of the Self


Output of thought, emotion, and sensation generated by cell networks housed in what is called the neuropil in the central and peripheral nervous systems, including that in the GI tract.


All cells in multicellular organisms. Humans are multicellular organisms.


These arise among specialized first alert integrator cells in the brain and GI tract.


These arise among specialized networks of sensory and integrator networks in the brain.


The inner push by the Life Force. This flows through channels empowered by cells as they transcribe and build components encoded in DNA and as tweaked by epigenetic modifications to transcription and protein-building mechanisms housed in the cell nucleus.

Teresa of the First Generation of Wanderers: This moment is all there is, in all its richness, depth, and splendor. Even if there is such a thing as reincarnation, this moment, this particular moment in all its uniqueness will never come again. The future brings with it new moments, but they will be a unique combination of factors never to be repeated again. So, suck the marrow out of each moment, for the chance to benefit from its unique richness is over in seconds. Only when you approach Life in this manner, with this level of attention, reverence, and courage, can you truly Live. This approach to Life is the hallmark of the Wanderer.

Six Ways of Being

Most societies have well-defined categories for persons. India is a key such society that has historically defined social categories they call castes. Psychologists define folks by the Big Five Personality types. In the Temple of Broken Wisdom, six main categories of person have been identified.


These are the bedrock of any culture. They are the largest group that includes logistics experts, craftspeople, and are the detail-oriented ones, those who organize and execute the systematic construction of our societies. They are the masters of making and unmaking things. They are interested most passionately in things that can be seen, touched, measured, and worked with directly. These folks wander by Day.


This group of people heal others in mind, emotions, thoughts, body, and will. Healers include those who heal other living beings, trans-species relations, and Earth ecosystems. They set things back into balance. These folks wander by twilight.


These folks are our Peacebringers. Transminders are able to comprehend multiple mind realities. Each mind is unique. If it is lucky, it understands itself. These folk not only understand their own minds, but are able to absorb and understand the patterns in others’ minds.

These folk wander by twilight in order to better understand the diverse minds they are bridges between.

Conversant in many languages (the language of Love; the language of Commerce; the language of Conflict, the language of Art, the language of Medicine, etc.), Transminders are empaths, diplomats, arbiters, and the ultimate communicators. They are The Dancers Between. They are the glue of most cultures, creating strong bridges of understanding between individuals that help forge unity from diversity.

The Boundary Masters

This type of person guards Clarity and Choice. These folk are Twilight Wanderers.

The Boundary Masters must be sensitive and highly trained in self-discipline and courage. They protect the sanctity of choice by offering themselves up as the ground within which other individuals can come to an understanding of their own strengths and limitations, thereby enabling them to make more Life-friendly, conscious choices. In order to be effective, the Boundary Masters must fully integrate with any individual with whom they are working. Navigating the seas of emotion and the structures of thought within their partner and holding the line of choice and clarity in the face of the kind of objections the Boundary Master is likely to encounter is a dangerous gambit. They have been known as the Masters of Suicide at times, because the fears and limitations they stimulate in others in order to create clarity can cause themselves or the person they are testing to experience thoughts and emotions of a killing intensity.

The Transformers

These folk wander by Twilight. In every generation many are born who replicate what they have been taught and what they have experienced, but some are born who transform what they learn and what they experience so that something new is made…guided by their own dreams and the Work of the Dream Masters to create vehicles of thought and imagination which transport other minds from the known through the unknown then to a new known. They navigate easily between the worlds of imagination and reason, between what is and what might be, between the Night and the Day.

The Dream Masters

These folk generally travel by Night.

Dreams exist not as a riddle or a distraction, but as a means to an end. They are the result of our nervous system organizing, decluttering, and integrating many types of information in order to guide attention filter updating and deployment, as well as creation of perceptions that are needed for our next waking period. The purpose of this organization is to cleanse the nervous system of waste products, and to encode perceptions that can clearly inform nervous system functionality for the purposes of survival and thriving in the short- and long-terms. The Dream Masters sift through and organize the deep structures of their own mind into proxies of integrated fields and lines of force suitable for creating the next day’s set of guides, not only on a personal, but a community-wide level.

Interactions Between Folks from Different Ways

The Dream Masters interface most easily with Transminders and Boundary Masters. They also are capable of interfacing with Healers and Transformers, though these interfaces work best in the presence of a skilled Transminder. Most Functionaries find Dream Masters incomprehensible, so a Transminder must be present for successful interface between Functionaries and Dream Masters.

There is another Way of Being which I do not include here. Wanderers believe Life creates The Field of Choice, and that Life calls each person to their particular Way by virtue of their genetic, social, and environmental heritages. Those who shut out this call with distractions of various kinds are referred to as the Refusorians — those who refuse the Inner Call.

Explanation of Terms


Human societies on Earth in the early 21st century were marked by turmoil and unrest as Ways of Life that emerged at the time of the Neolithic time frame were collapsing under the weight of cultural changes brought on by the Information Age and the necessity to transform and integrate Ways of Being such that all humans and other living forms could support instead of prey on each other. A large group of people began to ‘wander’ among all types of person and among all types of cultures to become vectors of force for integration and the creation of homeostatic relations between all living and non-living beings on planet Earth, blue among the Stars.

Night wanderers work in the inner mind realms, e.g., dreams, ideas, feelings, thoughts, and imagination.

Day wanderers work in the outer realms, that is the paths of making things and everything existing in the realm perceived by the five primary senses.

Twilight wanderers work to bridge our inner mind world and those things mapped to a facsimile of the outer world within which we live and operate.

Seven Arts

These are the seven arts of living I wish I had been taught in this order.

Freedom (first seven years of life).

Children are allowed to be. They are closely observed by their Guardians so their natures will be understood and learned about, so the children will be able to observe and learn about their own natures without interference from the dictates of others.

Tasking (second seven years of life).

Children are taught basic mental disciplines through being asked to accomplish various tasks using the following skill sets, which are continuously trained.



New Beginnings

The Unfoldment of Light (commences upon puberty).

Intense sensory stimulation is produced by the genital nerves. The nervous system in this area is dense and intensely responsive to stimuli of all kinds, not just the erotic. All stimuli received in this area strongly affect our emotions and thoughts. Sexual meditations (within the individual and between individuals) are necessary to create and maintain balance among these powerful sensations and their effects on our minds). Few traditions have taught this process or understood it well, but it is a vital skill that provides endless energy and information for the continuing unfoldment of one’s entire mind. At the onset of puberty the young should enter into training involving breathing, visualization, and movement which allows them to become sensitive to the various energies in their pelvis and learn how to use that information and power in a balanced manner.

Learning (all of life).

How to consciously acquire knowledge and allow it to transform you at every level: your mental framework, your emotional tools, etc. Children learn continuously from the time of conception, but at this point the process of learning itself is understood and brought into the mind as a tool to be used, rather than an unconscious event to be experienced. Concentrated training in learning skill sets (culinary, business management, filmmaking, nursing, programming, engineering, etc.) commences upon completion of training in The Unfoldment of Light.

Making (all of life).

How to make things and ideas that are necessary in each moment. This training commences upon completion of the training in Learning.


How to guide others as they unfold through life. This training commences upon completion of the training in Making.

Simply Being — Freedom Fully Unfolded.

At certain points (different for every individual), each person passes from public service and community life into an intense relationship with themselves, during which time the course of their life’s experiences are assimilated and brought to peace so transformations (including death) can occur with honor and acceptance. This training commences whenever it is observed that an individual needs to be in a state of Being to facilitate the passage into those years that precede death.

Eight Essential Powers of Mind


To accurately place individuals, ideas, feelings, objects, and events in descriptive categories that are internally congruent.


To select from two or more possibilities (Natural Selection is an example of this power at work in the biosphere of Earth). To decide on a course of action. The consequence of choice is transformation.


To mirror all manifested/imagined factors, leaving open a space for the unmanifest/unimagined factors. DNA is an example of this force at work in the Universe. It expresses all the manifest factors of the Earth biosphere while leaving room for transformation as conditions change.


To bring into being. To cause to exist. This can be ideas, objects, relationships, children, and events among humans.


To dissolve relationships to enable further growth.


One of the inherent needs within and outside of all minds is the ability to integrate diverse thoughts, people, feelings, and actions in order to live well as an individual among diverse individuals.


This capacity has been studied by neuroscientists and psychologists, as well as speculated on by mystics, philosophers, and artists of all types. The perception (whole picture in the mind) is different among individuals with respect to the same stimuli.


The unfolding of deep potential. All beings/things contain within themselves templates for unfoldment throughout the entire course of their lives/existence. I ask you to witness the subtle transformations in the DNA template through time as it responds sensitively to changes in the external environment to see that this statement does not imply we are programmed to live out a pre-determined “Fate,” but rather, we are a complex set of potentials that can be actualized in any number of ways. Transformation occurs at various times to permit deep potentials to be actualized. The metaphor of caterpillar into a butterfly is apt and humans have used this observable behavior as a proxy for the idea of transformation since at least the ancient Greeks. Humans contain many layers of potential that are gradually unfolded until their full glory is revealed in the last moments of life before death. This is why there is always a group present with the dying to record their last moments for posterity…the moment of crossing over is considered one of the most important in all of life and the insights provided to the race by the dying at the moment of death are considered pearls of great price.

Nine Aspects of Love

Love. A definition.

Love is the urge to merge. It is an invisible force between individuals, between any bits of matter, that potentiates and instantiates action, for the purpose of producing something greater than the sum of the individual parts, just like the joining of hydrogen and oxygen in right measure produces water. Love mandates merging in right measure to produce something needed to enrich the whole and further its felicitous unfoldment through time and enables the gracious dissolution of “things” into the whole when the moment requiring their existence has passed.

Parent — this refers to any primary caregiver, biological parent or not.

Child — this refers to any primary care receiver.

Friend — A huge responsibility. To be a friend is to share and to bear witness to someone else’s life, come paradise, hell, or high-water.

Adversary — one of life’s trickiest, most complex, confusing, and satisfying relationships. Makes for some of the best sex on the planet, as well as intensely stimulating conversation and immense creative output if the ideals of reverence, self-confidence, courage, and respect for individual choice can be upheld.

Sibling — By birth or choice, individuals who choose to travel side by side throughout the length of their days.

Erotic — An exchange of pure sexual energy. Sexual energy is a key power available to humans. Cultivation of this energy and its positive application to the building of self and connection with others is at the root of this aspect of love.

Muse or Consort — Merge one or more of the five angles of Self with another in order to create something together. People may recognize their muses/consorts in this way…the room will be filled with magic and fire whenever you are around one another, and creation spontaneously arises even from your casual interactions…when consciously directed and sustained, worlds may be created and dissolved at will.

Day. Engagement in the work of manifestation done between members of the community at large.

Night. Awe at the magnitude and inexplicability of the Universe.

Ten Daily Practices

Innerwork at Dawn and Dusk








Aimea Saul, Approach the Light



No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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