The day my Body Changed to two Colors

Never, never sleep on a beach

I had my first girlfriend at seventeen. We were together for a year and a half, and at that time, all we wanted to do was sex. Of course, we did other things, too… But these things were always an excuse to go to bed sooner or later.

I don’t remember using my brain at this time. Hormones took over me.

On one occasion, my best friend invited us to go to a party on one beach on São Paulo’s North Coast, the state where I live. My friend was a musician and was starting…




No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Juliano Righetto

Juliano Righetto

“We are nearsighted because we are brief.” Actor, Screenwriter, Author, Top Writer 2019 and 2020 on Quora in Portuguese with more than 26 million views.

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