The Real Key to Building Your Powerful Business Brand

Powerful businesses begin by first making ‘the inside’ strong, and then progressing on to the frontiers of organizational boundaries.

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When it comes to building a business brand, most young entrepreneurs think that generally, at the customer end, it is the presentation(showcasing) of their products or services, and of course, the environment(the logo, the website user interface, the tempting advertising, etc) they create for their business are the two key factors that help in building a Powerful Business Brand configuration for their startups. That’s because they are of the view that the duality of the two is what implants the impression of a notable business that instills the desire of ‘coming back for more of it’ in their customer’s minds.

What’s more to it is that holding on to their views, these young entrepreneurs often make the mistake of looking up to consumer demands to define their brand. While in reality, that’s not how powerful brands are built.

For instance, several years back, when I first learned about blogging and content marketing and got tempted into creating one around the coffee niche, I spent loads of time(several months) thinking about what would be my brand name, how’d my website look like, and so many similar questions. Of course, I, like everyone else, wanted to build a powerful brand — one that would stand out — but I absolutely had no idea of how to get to that level with my brand name. After a while, when I did find answers to some of those questions, I started to actually build one blog from scratch.

I was completely naive back then and whenever I made a little progress towards my objective, the first moment it looked appealing, and a few moments later, everything felt so distasteful. So much so forth, it almost took me a year to come up only with the appropriate design and logo part of my business. Why? Because all the time my focus was on creating the right environment for my business and when I did it to my satisfaction, I had already lost a lot of my precious time and resources.

And once it was all up and running, the traffic was negligible because the content there wasn't enough for SEO to take effect, and also, I was low on budget for any sort of digital marketing. So,

Let alone building a powerful brand, I wasn’t even successful at getting a word out about my brand to the audience for whose convenience and demand, I had spent almost a year designing my business environment.

That’s when I figured out that I was on about the powerful brand thing in a completely wrong way: I never had the real, right questions that were needed to get to my objective of powerful brand creation. Now I understand better that if back then, I have had the real questions like how would my brand create a difference to win out in the market, and like how my beliefs about my business’ powerful brand align with my business purpose, I’ve had performed better. Because then I’d not have unnecessarily wasted time and resources relying on consumer demands alone. That’s what made me realize that to make a powerful brand you’ve got to make your beliefs reflect in your business purpose and not rely on consumer demands in the entirety. Once you do that then is exactly the right time to progress on with the frontiers of your business environment.

Not that the business environment and presentation of products or services don’t matter, however, the actual key component to building your powerful business brand is to first work on making the inside infrastructure of your business stronger which includes being authentic about your brand’s beliefs.

More precisely, powerful brands aren’t just created with the products or services they sell and how they sell them. They are rather created based on the influence they have on the communities which itself comes from the beliefs they uphold.

What this implies is that, for instance, if you hold onto a belief that your product or service can make the world a better place to live, your brand’s purpose should exactly reflect that. That is to say, your beliefs need to be the very core of your business purpose for it to succeed at being a powerful brand.

So, what exactly is a brand belief that can guide your business towards becoming a Powerful Brand?

Simply put, a brand belief is what distinguishes your brand from its competitors by offering values and ideals that differentiate it from other members of the same pack — your competitors.

But how?

Here’s the irony, branding isn’t the design and messaging exercise alone as most young entrepreneurs often confuse it to be. Instead, it is more of an allegiance with a behavior of your business(the ethical strategies and the overall image of it), which if doesn’t interlock with the external expression of the brand itself, it is simply doomed enough to be thought of as a marketing ploy ever since its inception.

On the contrary, if you build your business brand on the basis of your beliefs and your brand embodies that belief, your brand will promise your customers more than just the products and services. Because then your brand won’t be operating on a ‘selling only’ basis, rather it would be operating to offer a vision your customer’s want and an identity they desire. And that’s the key — not to operate your brand for a statutory purpose of ‘selling only’.

And once your brand succeeds at offering the identity that its customers desire, that’s when your customers will adopt it, thereby making your brand powerful.

So, does your brand has a belief system that matters to your customers that defines who they want to be? Or is it simply based on a ‘selling only’ approach?

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