The Ripple of Kindness

Just as ripples spread out when a

single pebble is dropped into water,

the actions of individuals can have

far-reaching effects.

Dalai Lama

Courtesy of Pixabay, Sandid

Kindness counts.

I was at a local thrift shop the other day as I am apt to do when they give a discount to celebrate those of my age. A young man approached me as I was leaving and asked if I was looking for my shopping cart.

What a strange question, I thought.

As I made my way to the front of the store, I heard one lady speaking to a rather frantic lady.

Did you lose your cart? she asked.

Yes, the frazzled one said, as she looked around for it.

I took it to an employee because your purse was in the cart.

The frantic lady was relieved and thankful. The helpful lady laughed it away, and said that it’s easy to forget when you’re excited looking for a great find!

As easy as that. Kindness.

I’m sharing this story from the side streets of life to remind us all. Kindness exists. (Tweet This) I saw it, the almost-had-a-terrible-day lady saw it, the young man working there saw it. And now you can see it too.

Start the ripple. Give hope, give kindness.

Let’s all be aware of what we can give, what we can receive graciously, and the stories we can share. (Tweet This)

Now tell me, when did you give, receive or witness an act of kindness? Please share your story, we could all use some good news right now.

Stay well, stay kind.



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Gail Williamson

Gail Williamson

Sharing thought-provoking stories from the side streets of life. Words to make you pause, ponder and reflect; to help you understand your life just a bit more.