The Top 10 Ideas For Education Apps That Are Worth Your Time And Money

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The way people learn is evolving every day. Education apps have changed the way students learn by helping them solve everyday classroom problems, talk to their teachers, learn through games and quizzes, and do their homework online. Currently, educational apps have a significant impact on both teachers and pupils.

In fact, many schools, colleges, and other institutions are interested in making an educational app that would help students and teachers communicate in real-time. Aside from schools and universities, several ed-tech startups are making investments in education app development. And if you are an ed-tech startup or an entrepreneur who wants to make the best education app, you can’t miss these 10 simple ideas that will make you money. These app ideas for teachers and students will definitely contribute to the education field by giving them more tools.

Ideas for E-Learning Platforms for Your Startup

If you manage an EdTech startup or want to offer an e-learning product concept to your portfolio of projects, you may utilize this list of unique school app ideas to motivate your product development team.

1. Private Tutoring App

Today, students are more engaged in online education. A private tutoring program facilitates this by connecting students with online courses and tutors.

Market demand: The need for private tutoring applications is predicted to be the driving force behind EdTech expansion in the future years.

According to research that backs up this idea, the world’s market for private tutoring is projected to exceed $201.8 billion by 2026.

The pandemic’s non-contact restrictions have also increased the demand for teaching software.

Founders that can have ideas and solutions to enhance private tutoring will see phenomenal growth.

2. An App for Disabled Children

As a school, college, university, or ed-tech firm, you should also consider developing a mobile application for disabled children. A mobile app allows disabled children to learn and study from the comfort of their own homes.

Students with disabilities who are unable to attend regular lessons and lectures will be able to use this software to attend live classes and communicate with lecturers in real-time.

The app will help teachers connect with handicapped children and give them a place to learn every day. You can build an app and offer online learning solutions for special children.

3. App for Language Learning

Some people like to learn foreign languages. A language study software is a blessing for such people. It assists in both- language learning, and improving vocabulary.

If you want to make an app like Duolingo, you could make one that helps people learn a new language. People are learning English, German, Spanish, and other languages with the help of Duolingo by playing games and taking quizzes.

The user requires 20 minutes a day to learn a new language. You can also add a feature that gives students personalized quizzes and tasks to help them solve problems. So, they can pay more attention.

4. App for Personal Teacher or Tutor

The fourth simple yet novel idea is to develop a personal teacher or tutor-on-demand application that allows students or their family members to hire tutors on-demand for all subjects, based on the students’ needs.

This type of app connects teachers and students and helps students find tutors they would feel comfortable with learning online or face-to-face.

5. Quizzes & Games for Education

Developing an educational app with a variety of educational activities and quizzes for kids of all ages is another interesting app concept.

Students will be able to practice and learn at the same time using the app’s quizzes and activities, which will cover topics, such as general knowledge, algebra, and language.

For students of all ages, quizzes and games are available in a variety of categories and difficulty levels. If you incorporate these features in your app, you’ll get more downloads.

6. AR-based Education Application

The initial concept is to create an AR-based education app to instruct and inform pupils in a novel manner. Teachers can use these applications to engage students in science classes and experiments by providing a genuine experience.

Students can utilize such AR applications to study the universe, planets, and solar systems in depth.

7. App for Student Performance Monitoring

This mobile application idea is for universities and colleges to establish a student tracking app, allowing parents to monitor their child’s performance, attendance, behavior, and overall development.

Parents can use this app to communicate with teachers about their child’s performance, pay tuition fees online with a single click, and receive essential notifications about tests and lecture times.

You do not need to construct many apps, such as attendance apps or test applications, because every update is provided through one single app. Consider designing an app for tracking student performance if you’re seeking an original app concept.

8. Question & Answer Application

Develop a broad question-and-answer application specifically for students to post questions on any subject, chapter, or topic, and for professors to respond to those questions.

The app can be utilized by students and teachers of all ages across the globe, uniting them on a single platform.

9. Apps to Help Children with Autism

Make education and learning apps for kids with Autism. It will help them learn new skills, like how to communicate, play, and do things around the house.

It is one of the most diverse educational app ideas, and it can also help parents gather info and understand how to control and treat children with Autism. This app can help these parents a lot with taking care of their kids.

10. A Vocabulary App

Vocabulary is a vital skill for taking any qualification examination. Even enhancing vocabulary can improve self-assurance. A vocabulary-improving application that contains quizzes, riddles, and word games, is likely to attract more users because it is both educational and entertaining.

A few years back, people carried a pocket dictionary. However, this issue can be resolved by incorporating a word library that users can consult for precise expression. Enhancing vocabulary will also assist your users in enhancing their pronunciation.

It will also help in the improvement of pronunciation, orthography, phrases, and sentence structure. In addition, you can add a function that allows them to track their progress and self-evaluate.


Mobile apps are an example of a technological advancement that makes learning in the classroom more fun and interesting for students. Hence, in this digital age, new educational apps with innovative ideas grow rapidly.

By giving kids more creative freedom, such educational apps help them learn more. Educational apps also make it easier for parents and kids to talk and play together. Also, they help kids who have trouble learning to overcome some of those problems. So, if you have any educational app ideas or want to start an EdTech startup, go ahead and join the revolution of digital learning.



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