They Baffle and Bamboozle with Choices

I remember when it was easier to make a decision. Fewer brands of everything including toothpaste, they basically said that they cleaned your teeth. And they did. There wasn’t a specific one for whiter teeth, sensitive teeth, or shine-up-faster for your date in one week teeth.

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Less of This.

It was a more simple time. Less interruptions to who you are. You did or you didn’t and you didn’t care as much. It was easier to hear the answer. Who am I?

Now, you can spend hours choosing a hair product, a box of cereal, or a brand of coffee.

We are overwhelmed with choices.

Now, you can be a minimalist or fill your walls from floor to ceiling. You can order a print online and hang it up in two days. Do you change your decor with the season, the next holiday or whenever you go by the decor store?

I know many of you came from a family who had the same sofa from when you were born to when you packed a suitcase and left home. Right? Did anyone care?

And for the last year, we have all been held captive within the four walls ‘that we really should paint in the colour of the year’. Yea right, because this is our biggest dilemma? Decision making has become worse.

They want us to choose because they need to sell! (Tweet This) They want to give us a course, send us an email filled with links, offer us something to make our life better. Now sometimes this is good, but often it isn’t. You need to choose.

And they won’t leave you alone. Psychology Today says that we likely make 2000 decisions every hour! No wonder we are baffled and bamboozled.

Most times what they tell us would be wrong. Only you know what you need. (Tweet This)

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More of This.

I aim to tell people to not look for the hack, the fix, the instant cure.

Instead go slow, to get ahead. The chances are you will not strike it rich or be fit or find your life partner on a dating site on your first try. You could be lucky, but you’re not likely to be the exception.

The world is full of people looking to get ‘there’ easily. And it doesn’t work because the finding is in the living.

Because here’s the secret, no one has it all figured out. We are all not complete, we are all searching.

So I say, be patient, keep trying, make some mistakes, learn from them, look for the people you can trust. (Tweet This)

And then be still, listen, give it room to happen. Choose to find yourself instead of things.

Stay well, stay kind.



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