Top 5 Best Salon Apps for Salon Booking Online in 2021

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Do you own a salon? Are you still waiting for your clients to come and visit the salon? Don’t you think you can manage your clientele and staff members more effectively? If yes then wouldn’t it be great if you consider developing a software for your salon? These are the most common concerns of major salon owners, and the ultimate solution to this problem can be developing a software for your salon business. That is why we have created this article. We are going to talk about the best salon appointment booking application. This article will give you an insight into what kind of application you want to build if you are willing to create one for yourself. So, if you are ready, put your seatbelts on, and let’s begin.

The significant reason why people love to visit the salon lies in self-confidence. We all are human and we believe in the look-good feel-good concept. Who doesn’t like a word of appreciation? Be it a co-worker or a friend, everybody loves a heartfelt compliment about their luscious hair or a hair transformation. A person’s self-confidence has a significant impact on their productivity, and self-confidence comes naturally if you look good. Nothing beats the feeling of freshly cut hair, a relaxing massage, or even that rejuvenating facial.

The other reason why people are always looking for salon and spa services is that they tend to have a busy lifestyle, and such services can be an excellent alternative for relieving stress. With the rising demand for living a healthy and de-stressing lifestyle, the need for the spa and salon market need is increasing.

Probably the look good-feel good perception has changed the salon software market. To your surprise, the salon software market is expected to reach a CAGR of 7.11% over the next five years. So, don’t you think you should also streamline your salon business and add more value to it? If yes, let’s check the top 5 best salon scheduling apps.

Features to consider

Before we start talking about what kind of salon app you can build, you must know what kind of features you’ll need for your app. Just like people need a transformation in their looks, you will need features to enhance your application.

For Users:

  • Register or Login with social media
  • Services Catalogue
  • Schedule Appointment
  • Schedule Reminder
  • Packages & Price listing
  • Customized Service
  • Photo library
  • Push Notification system
  • Services
  • Feedback & Reviews
  • Next Booking
  • In-App Payment integration via credit card and debit card
  • Booking History

For Beauticians:

  • Login
  • Manage Bookings
  • Services History
  • Payment History
  • Add/ Remove Services
  • Accept or decline the appointment.
  • Customer Support

Best salon appointment booking apps

MySalon App for Android

MySalon app is basically an appointment booking and scheduling software. This application coordinates and streamlines the booking process for stylists and customers. The application is available in French, German, and English. You will find all types of services in this app, such as Nail studio, Beauty, and hair solutions.

Platform Availability: Android

Website Integration: No

Salon Iris Salon Booking App

Salon Iris app is basically an app for monitoring business activities. You can view, edit, and add appointments without any hassle in this application. The app’s unique features involve Instagram/Facebook for booking, appointment reminders, reports and dashboards, and many more.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

Website Integration: No

Shedul Salon app

When we talk about the best spa & salon booking application, Shedul should be the best of all of them. Shedul is the best salon software which supervises all the activities. This application has amazing features that can accelerate requests and orders from your customers in a very short time. The schedule offers cost-effective solutions to your salon business, and it’s open-source software.

This application’s unique features include retail product management, calendar scheduling/canceling for the customer, and many more.

Platforms supported: Android and iOS.

Website Integration: Online booking from the website is possible.

Setmore for Salon appointment bookings

With Setmore’s online salon booking system, you can create automated reminders and appointments easily. This software will help you enhance your brand’s image and popularity because it provides a stress-free booking, which automatically brings better customer retention.

Setmore’s unique features are Video chats, an Online calendars, Online payments and refunds, Two-way calendar sync, and custom branding.

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, and Windows.

Website integration: Available

Mycuts salon app

With Mycuts salon booking app’s help, you can leverage resources to ensure happy clients. You can automatically confirm client appointments and generate reminders to get your salon and spa business on a roll.

This app’s unique features include stylist management, Inventory management, Client management, and many more.

Platforms supported: Android, iPhone,iPad, and Windows.

Website Integration: Available

Photo by: Mohit mehra On: Self create

Technology stack

To create an app that is as beautiful as your salon, you will need an advanced technology stack to build that significant application.

  • Push Notifications: FCM and APNS
  • Powerful Programming: GWT
  • Database: MongoDB, Cassandra
  • Cloud Environment: Google and AWS
  • SMS, Phone Verification: Twilio, Nexmo
  • Data Management: Datastax
  • Payment options: Stripe and PayPal
  • Real-time Analytics: Apache Flink, IBM, Spark, Hadoop

So, these are the best salon appointment booking apps so far, and you can choose one for yourself from the software mentioned above. This software can be great if you own a chain of salon brands, and you want to handle it all at once.

Final words

So, we have passed through all the fundamental aspects of what it takes to develop high-class salon and spa app development. To make your salon app the best globally, you can refer to these top 5 salon app models. However, adding the touch of your own brand and customization will make your app stand out.

It is advisable to give extra attention to the designing as that’s where your app’s foundation lies. Invest in an experienced and professional development partner so that you can sit back and relax while they take care of your project. They will take care of everything, starting from making a business plan, designing the UI/UX, and development.

I hope this article has served you with what you were looking for to develop the best salon appointment booking software. You can also add marketing tools like email marketing and text message marketing. The beauty industry has a lot to offer to its clients, and when you combine it with the IT industry, it will do wonders.

Well, you need to upgrade your salon and spa business if you are just waiting for clients to come and visit your salon. If you are looking for an ultimate solution to kick-start your Salon and spa business, then this article is for you.



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