Top 8 Web App Testing Tools in 2020

Top 8 Web App Testing Tools in 2020

In the modern world, websites have turned out to be very crucial and every single company or business or even individuals own websites. The huge demands of commercial enterprises make it compulsory for every company to have a site or web app. The quality of the application or website plays a crucial role in how clients perceive the business and, in turn, how much trust they have in its services or products. In these circumstances, rigorous tests of the application and the website become crucial.

Whatever the business is whether it is a multi-million dollar IT-based enterprise, a service providing company, an educational institution, a retail shop, a beauty salon, having an appealing and error-free website gives an online presence and helps them build the business. It is a significant marketing tool one should have to market their business on the web. The more accessible, simple, informative, secure, user-friendly, and faster the Web app is, and the better is the image and perception about the organization that is built in its consumer’s minds. To have all these traits, the Web application must be thoroughly tested.

Performance Testing

In performance tests, the QA testers generally test the web app to confirm how the system performs in respect of stability and responsiveness under a scrupulous workload. They also evaluate the performance of web applications under two categories named Load test and Stress Test.

Functional Testing

In functional testing, the software tester mainly checks whether the product (or Web application) is as per the functional specifications cited in the product documentation received from a product owner or business analyst. Software testing activities counts scrutinizing all the negative and positive scenarios written by a quality assurance (QA) member for the app. For instance scrutinizing for broken links, checking cookie linked operations, validating textbox inputs, etc.

Compatibility Testing

This type of testing is a procedure to ensure that the Web application is presented accurately across varied operating systems, devices, and browsers. This can be classified in three ways.

  • Operating system compatibility
  • Browser compatibility
  • Mobile compatibility

Usability Testing

Usability Test is an entire procedure of Web application testing to decide how user-friendly the Web application is. Generally, these tests are performed by users who remind you of the target audience

Interface Testing

This kind of testing is the process of testing the connections between the application, the database server, and the Web server. This comprises scrutinizing the communication processes and ensuring that error messages are showed accurately.

Security Testing

Now that when you are done with all the testing, the vital and most significant testing to be performed on the Web application is to ensure that the app is protected against harmful actions and unauthorized access caused by malicious software or other viruses; this is referred to as security testing.

Lack of testing your site could have a great impact on how visitors view your website. There are several reasons that reveal why the web app test is significant. Generally, each and every site has its own attributes, so every reason does not apply to every web app. But, we have mentioned the major reasons that demonstrate the significance of web app testing.

• Accessibility of Your Site

• Your Site Displays Appropriately on Mobile Devices

• Your Site SEO is Working Correctly

• Examine Website Performance

• Compatibility with Cross-Browsers

• Security of Your Website

Most Demanded 8 Web Testing Tools in 2020

LambdaTest has become one of the most favored Web App and Cross Browser Testing platform. You can easily carry out automated web app testing using its reliable, safe, and secured cloud-based Selenium grid on an amalgamation of 2000 or more real browsers and browser versions to enhance your test coverage. This incredible tool is meant to guarantee that all the web app components like HTML5, CSS, as well as others, operate flawlessly on all gadgets. This LambdaTest tool mainly follows the testing pattern of visual, manual, and automation tests or progressive outcomes. It makes uses of cloud infrastructure for running various tests at the same time parallelly.

Test IQ is one of the most popular tools and follows the principles to help test your web apps to make it work faultlessly on all devices or browsers without any risks of errors and bugs. The web apps are mainly scrutinized and tested under real-world situations over Test IQ. The complete procedure is called crowd testing that derives the app’s true potential and allows you to recognize the slack ends to work on. With the right understating to develop and rectify aspects, web apps can be improved to give out a higher rating of user experience. Most of the companies are now imposing on the efficiencies of Test IQ to help make their web app act better and faster. Few extra traits of Test IQ count fast release after the testing practices, feedbacks from humans, and real device tests to discover the core of the issues.

It is an enterprise-level load test tool with influential scripting capacities that make it simple to test complicated scenarios. The WebLOAD tool offers a clear and concise analysis of your web app performance, investigating bottlenecks, and issues that may stand in the way to achieve your load and response necessities. This incredible tool supports 100 technologies — from company’s apps to web protocols and has incorporated integration with Jenkins tool, Selenium tool, as well as several other tools to allow constant load tests for DevOps.

Acunetix is a completely automatic web app security test tool that determines and reports the minor vulnerabilities on over 4500 web app counting all XSS and SQL injection. This amazing tool is compatible with approximately every kind of web app variants like SQL Injection, XSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and others. Furthermore, it also has extraordinary traits for prioritizing the threats and creates reports accordingly. This superb tool can also incorporate the test results with other platforms or tools.

Experitest lets the testers test web apps over thousands of devices at once over the cloud. With this amazing tool, it is sufficient for you to test the web app on any browser. There are both automated as well as manuals cross-browsing tools meant to test the web apps. Besides, it is incorporated with Selenium and Appium for good results. Moreover, you can also go for visual testing to detect the effectiveness of User Interface responsiveness over diverse resolutions.

Netsparker testing tool is a well-known tool for its accuracy. It is an automated web app security scanner that will identify vulnerabilities like Cross-site Scripting and SQL Injection in web apps as well as web APIs. This testing tool uniquely confirms the detected vulnerabilities proving they are not false positives and real, so you don’t require wasting your precious time manually validating the identified vulnerabilities once a scan is ended. You can effortlessly use the Netsparker tool either as an online service provider or as Windows software.

TestComplete is a functional UI (User Interface) test automation tool. You can use this amazing tool to create and execute tests on any mobile, web, or desktop application, comprising apps that have customized controls as well as dynamic pages. The good thing about the tool is that you can select from over 50,000 object properties across more than five hundred control types. You can easily run one UI testing across every major web browsers. You can also have access to over 1000 OS, browser, and resolution configurations in the on-demand cloud-based lab.

Some of the Common Applications That Can Be Easily Incorporated With Web Automation Testing Tools

  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Axosoft
  • Youtrack
  • Jira
  • Redmine

Final Thoughts

If you have a mind-set to enter the online business with your own web application or website then ensure you set the web app or website testing a top priority in your business planning and strategy checklist. As once your website runs online and lacks anywhere, then you would regret the loss of reputation and client trust.

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