Top Business Schools In The World

If you are an Indian who is thrilled to study abroad and exploring the internet and about the best business schools, for your MBA, then your search ends here. We have formulated the top 5 business schools that will serve as a perfect fit for you.

1. Stanford University

Year after year Stanford excels in academics. It’s extremely hard to get into, but once you manage to crack it, your future is secured with the best companies in the world.

The teaching staff is top tier and the university environment is impeccable. The unsurpassed will teach you and you will become the best version of yourself.

Why you should consider the university?

  • The faculty is top of the line
  • There are small classes that are dedicated to helping you solve problems during tough situations
  • Most passed out students are either Nobel prize winners or business tycoons.

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2. University Of Pennsylvania

Every corner of the university is filled with opportunities. Interested in macroeconomics there are research scholars that are dedicated to that. Interested in accounting there are there are research scholars that are dedicated to that So in a nutshell you are surrounded by people who are extremely intelligent and will help you to achieve your goals

Why you should consider this university

  • It’s an Ivy school so hard work and party goes side by side
  • The pass outs are mostly billionaires who surpass the billionaire count of students from Harvard
  • There are so many resources on campus that it is a world on its own

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3. University of Chicago

One of the most unique universities on this list. This is because all the students in the university are made bonded by the tradition known as open disclosure. This means your options and views would be respected and available for debate, and not be toned down.

why you should consider this university?

  • Security is tight on the campus, it’s the safest for the community, staff, and students.
  • The faculty is brilliant who will make every resource available to you.
  • Music group, theatre, comedy is available to bring out your creative side

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4. Northwestern University

According to the university reports, the one-year MBA program is so rich and insightful to the students that they receive an offer letter from companies worldwide just after a month after graduation. The students party hard and they top their scores as well.

Why should you consider this university?

  • The most ethics focused school
  • Excels in entrepreneurship and business analytics
  • The starting salary of the graduate is $160,000 per year

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5. Harvard University

The greatest advantage would be the friendly attitude of the students, staff, and faculty. All of them will make you will comfortable once you are a student at the university. They are extremely concerned with mental health and hence they are always open to discussion at all times

Why should you choose this university?

  • Creates a finance program, so that you don’t have any shortage of money while learning at the university
  • The campus is to die for
  • The students are always happy and help others

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Parting tips

We have presented the top business schools that will be the best for you. To get a chance to get into these premium universities, you need guidance from top educational institutions that will prepare you for your GMAT exams.



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