Stuck with mediocre talent and don't know what should keep in mind next time you hire full stack developer?

Top mistakes to avoid when you Hire Full stack Developer for your Next Project!

Read here what small mistakes you should not make next time you Hire Full Stack Developer.

Arohi Adhyaru
Apr 14 · 4 min read

When any entrepreneur starts working on his aspiring business project, many things are on the stack on the success of the project.

If we look into it, there are many resources involved with the project like; time, efforts, talent, and of course, money as well.

When many factors depend on the success of the choices you make for your project, you can not afford to make even a silly blunder.

One of the essential and yet most overlooked factors is the expert Full stack Developer you are hiring. Often the beginner entrepreneur thinks that why does he need to pay any extra effort or care if he knows how to code and how to build things.

That’s where you are not walking on the right path.

There are so many such subtle and small yet significant things we tend to do if we would have known that before; it could have gotten a profound change in the project’s quality performance.

Full stack Development
source: Google

Let’s go through one by one the mistakes many are making but are not aware of and, most importantly, can not afford to make when they want to hire Full stack Developer!

  1. Limiting yourself by approaching only traditional channels!

It was an era when there were very limited resources like a newsletter or newspaper around you or just the tiny Full stack Development network you work within. These used to be your only options to look for, but now the definition of networking has been changed.

There are so many social networking sites and community forums where you can not connect with the Full stack developer, but you can check out his. Her work on the community sites to verify whether the expertise is going well with your requirement or not.

Fascinating right!

2. Having Unrealistic Expectations.

There is no such size that fits all! Every developer can have expertise in any developing side, whether it’s a frontend or backend, even though he has knowledge of both sides.

Many companies expect to hire Full stack developers thinking they would perform exactly the same as specialized ones.

However, no one can get it all in one, after all.

3. Technical skillset check

Often companies hire Full stack developers just by looking at the projects they have worked on or what they claim they know better. This is quite a common mistake.

When you connect with any offshore Software Development Company, you must schedule the interview with the candidate and take a technical test. Ask him what technology he is more comfortable working with and what technology you want for your project.

Based on that, decide whether the Full stack developer you are hiring is worth your time and money or not.

4. Alignment of Vision and goals

It is crucial when you Hire Full stack Developers, you both are on the same page. Many times company doesn’t communicate the more important goals to the developer team, thinking it won’t be any of the use to them. Still, it significantly affects the performance of the full stack developers at certain times if they know well the target goal of the project.

You must communicate your expectations and goals for your project well with your full stack developer so that you both can be on the same page.

When you are following the same working culture and working for the same objective, it becomes easier to achieve the project’s goal.

5. Expertise and hiring model

As we have seen earlier, every developer has their specific expertise; this applies to full stack developers. However, every project has its requirement as well, even though they require both frontend and backend.

A particular project requires a robust frontend, while a specific project requires a powerful backend or robust APIs.

Therefore based on that, you can set the criteria and keep that in mind at the time to Hire Full stack Developer.

Hire Full stack Developer
source: Google

Moreover, make sure you communicate well with the full stack developer regarding the hiring model he/she works with and let them know your company’s policy and suitable hiring model.

To sum up, the web and mobile development industry is a rapidly changing industry every now, and then new updates roll out. No one can stick with stiff technology.

This same applies to the full stack developer as well. At the time of hiring, you can’t miss lots of qualities to test, like adaptability, agility, and the working culture he/she works in.

These factors may seem mundane, but it makes a lot of difference when your project performs well and starts giving robust results.

So I guess we have covered all the mistakes that one should refrain from making when he wants to Hire Full stack Developer. to get optimum results of the resources he is spending on!

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