Two Weeks Until Forever: #COVID-19 One-Year Later

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Real Life Friday the 13th (Without Jason)

It was a Friday on March 13th that then-President Donald J. Trump signed a declaration of national emergency over coronavirus. Indeed, with the signing of this declaration, who would have thought almost one year later we would be in a predicament we find ourselves today. At the time, the whole point of signing this declaration was to “slow the spread” of the supposedly deadly virus that would ultimately wipe out humanity if not checked. However, little did we know that “two weeks to slow the spread” would morph into worldwide lockdowns, which would include closing businesses, schools, and of course, wearing the dreaded face diaper (a mask).

15 Day Plan

Shortly after declaring a national emergency, the Trump administration provided the public with a 15-day plan to combat the virus. This plan advised the public to avoid gatherings of less than ten and asked people to stay away from bars and restaurants. Indeed, at this point, one would suspect that it would be a bad idea to advise the public not to live their lives in a usual fashion. Obviously, at this point, it is Monday morning quarterbacking the situation and wishful thinking at best. However, I am sure that if part of the public who still has a brain and has not been hypnotized by the lamestream media knew that the 15-day plan would morph into tyranny, then people would have been marching in the streets the day of the announcement.

The Aftermath

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the beginning of this nightmare that is called Covid-19, we must remember one thing, in a lot of ways, it is the American people’s fault we find ourselves in this situation. Almost a year after the national emergency was signed by Trump, so much information has come out that contradicts the so-called experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci. For the sake of time and space, I will give you a couple of examples:

1) The survival rate of coronavirus is about 98–99%

At the beginning of the coronavirus frenzy in early 2020, many “experts” thought the virus could have a 3–4 percent mortality rate. Thank goodness this turned out not to be the case.

2) Lockdowns are ineffective. The long-term damage of lockdowns are unknown, but it does not look good.

The unfortunate thing is that states and governments worldwide continue to implement lockdown orders even though the science suggests that lockdowns are ineffective. In my view, the reasoning behind these lockdowns is no longer about trying to “slow the spread” but socially control the masses and demoralize the human spirit.

Speaking of Demoralization

Before I finish, there is one aspect that can not go without mention: the mask. Yes, indeed, the mask has become a vital prescription regarding demoralization and society’s dehumanization. The “two weeks to slow the spread” mantra was introduced without the requirement of a facemask. Dr. Fauci and the former Surgeon General of the United States, Jerome Adams, emphasized the uselessness of mask-wearing.

YouTube: 60 Minutes
Twitter: Jerome Adams

Fast forward to today, and you will be hard-pressed to find someone NOT wearing a mask. Moreover, now that Joe Biden is currently president, the mask frenzy has gone into overdrive with the signing of an Executive Order requiring a facemask on public transit. Indeed, the science behind facemasks varies and is not consistent to the point of requiring facemasks to be worn to the extent necessary. Nevertheless, most of the public is dumbed down and believes everything the lamestream legacy media tells them, and thus you have people putting masks on kids as young as two years old. We are living in wacky times.

In the end, this is where we are as a society. Two weeks to slow the spread has become forever, and there is no turning back. Adaption is expected, and coercion is awaited. There is no limit to the extreme governments will go to keep their power. Indeed, we must hold firm and don’t give in to the fear of tomorrow, and we must live for today.

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