Un-offical Guide to go faster : “Slow down”

Photo by Dynamic Wang on Unsplash

Slow down, hit the breaks

It might sound counterintuitive. When you want to move ahead in life, hit them goals. Buy that dream house, car or that new phone. When you seek that elusive tag in the organisation which helps you get recognised. Everyone is in such a rush to reach to a place where we feel accomplished, loved, cared, satisfied. Only to realise it is start of another peak.

Is it all futile? The pursuit of happiness. The war cry for success. The 4 am grind to reach to the top. No. It is all worth it. Then, why the call to slow down.

Let the realisation creep in, we are not telling ourselves to stop. It is a sign to slow down. Temporary halt. Put car on the side line, press the parking light, check the left and the rights, check the google map, ask a passing stranger.

“Are we headed in the right direction?”

A pandemic called: “I am busy”


If you are go to reply to everything that needs to be done. Be it exercise, dinner date, yoga, walk in the park, family time, friends time, community time or even sleep is “ I am busy”. My friend we are suffering from the same thing. It is a disease called “ I am busy”

It makes us feel engaged, no time to think, wonder, question because we have better things to do. That is being busy. I will grab the dinner and finish this ppt along with it. I have 2 hour free time in evening, let’s set up that call better than sitting idle.

Don’t feel guilty for having some free time. Sitting alone or with family. give yourself the freedom to have some quality rest. Take the walk in the park. Read that book with a cup of coffee and morning sun. Unless you are Putin and working to end the war, you can take the break .

Hello Attention span, bye

Research shows we have recessing attention span. Don’t even need to quote it. Check your temptation to do something else while reading this small post. Did you switched tabs? Did you check the phone which have no notifications? Did you opened mail box to see any new mails or on Whatsapp.

When you stand in a line and open your phone just to be engaged for that small pause. Did some life changing opportunity just walked past because you missed to check your phone? Ever ?

Those millions notifications are better left unheard. Learn to sit idle. Learn to be idle.

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going to fast — you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.

Eddie Cantor



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