Walk Honestly to Live Stronger

How I overcame a birth defect to fix my messed-up hip

Image of a brilliant blue sky, over a desert sand dune; looking up the sandy dune with green tufts of wild brush to either side and in a couple places at the top. With a clear wide natural path of sand to the top. And a rusted red metal tower of some kind (hurricane watch or other) sticking up into the air at an angle from just over the other side of the dune. The caption reads: “Another hill to climb | from an early walk.” Author’s photo.
Another hill to climb | from an early walk, pre COVID | both images the author’s

I was born with a mild deformity. A malformation of my right hip. So severe that I could not sit fully crosslegged on the floor like other kids, and when I did side bends to that side in gym class, it looked a lot like I was just standing there with my hand raised lazily and head tilted to that side.




No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World.

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Peter Froehlich

Peter Froehlich

Passionate about accelerating valuable change, MBA in marketing, entrepreneurship, and supply chain, BA in comparative literature, English and Latin

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