Walking on Water

The cool thing about doing the impossible

Daniel Asuquo
An Idea (by Ingenious Piece)


Image source: Safewater.org

Okay let’s start with my friend Peter (coincidentally; it’ll make sense in a bit)… He’s not really my friend but he is a personification of that guy we all know; the safe guy. He started out average and he’ll die average. He cares about security and he plays it safe from health, to finances, to everything — you will never hear that Peter went skydiving or that he wandered into a brothel (scratch that). Peter graduated college, got a masters degree, has a job (because business is too risky), he shunned his talents and he does really care for viral content( because… I don’t know). He’s doing okay but that’s just it…okay.

Then there’s this other guy — most of us don’t know him so there’s no need for his name. This guy has very hairy balls (figure of speech). He chases risk and he has this belief that he is meant for more than the average existence — he craves magic. ( I know this may sound like bull to some people…Hey Peter #smallwave)

The other Peter

There is this guy the Bible talks about. His name is Peter. Peter saw Jesus walking on water and he was like “wtf bro? How are you doing this sh*t” (I’m paraphrasing). And Jesus says to him, “Hey bro — this old thing? C’mon you can do it to. Just get off your boat and walk towards me”

Peter gets off the boat and starts walking towards Jesus and for a little bit, he’s doing it. Then Peter starts to think in his head:

Whoaaaa… am I really doing this? I’m not supposed to be able to do this. This is crazy. I’m legit walking on wa….

and then he starts to drowns and from the way the story goes, Jesus gives him the stank-eye and asks “why did you doubt?” therein lies the crux of this article.


Walking on water

Life is a certain way — it’s kinda hard and it’s getting harder everyday (don’t know if you noticed). Inflation, wars, CNN with the focus on inflation and wars bla bla… The point is that in this age, a lot of people are disadvantaged. If you want to look at it from the biblical Peter point of view, there’s water everywhere and it’s a scary situation…

But there’re some people

…who are still winning. The Beyonce’s, Joe Biden and all that. They appear to be winning and every other person wants to be like them. The thing is, being like them is possible, but I don’t think it’s what you think it is.

Kanye west recently said “they can control Beyonce and jay z and apart from his being christian, I don’t think Kanye is crazy — what this means is that, Jay Z and B probably have their own issues but for now, they are walking on water — they are doing that thing others are calling impossible.

Kanye recently (it was the same day) said he was the cat (he didn’t use that word) in Hollywood in hasn't killed anybody so he can say what he wants and not go to prison.. Hmmm. What if he’s right? What if that’s the truth? The point is, if it’s true, then that’s some impossible reality they are all dealing with, and yet they come and at like everything is okay… c’mon! that qualifies as walking on water — we’ve seen celebrities literally go crazy with pressure from fame and the cost of fame. Here, check it out!

Kiyosaki (forgive the fact that i used that link) and Trump, in some schools of thought are called *scammers, *frauds etc . Personally, I don’t think either of these two men really know what they are doing but I see them as the biblical Peter, there is something they believe in and while they are not too busy doubting their ability to keep at it, they will keep getting away with this “thing” they are doing which is “impossible” to the observer. Peter was able to “walk on water” as long as he did not entertain doubt.

Note this:

I am of the opinion that anything is possible to that mind who refuses to, in a sense “accept reason” and just do what they want.

I feel the people (how do I say this next part without getting judged?) who finally sank, like R.Kelly, started to doubt. I don’t think he was innocent but I feel he woulda kept “walking on water” if he didn’t entertain thoughts of “am I really doing this? How am I even getting away with this etc?”
(Please I am not mental — I’m having a thought process here)

Back to the Donald — he has been accused of everything but for once he has never been apologetic or scared (at least not that I know of)… He has been walking on water, doing that thing that should drown him and yet he still became the President — that’s insane! Really insane, I haven’t talked to the Donald but if I were to guess, he doesn’t for a second, doubt himself. Jesus asked Peter after he started drowning — why did you doubt?

There are loads of people, maybe even you reading this, who are pulling off the impossible, and somehow are successful at it. You are walking on water and while no one else can understand how you are pulling off whatever it is you are pulling off, you are doing it — maybe you’re a criminal or a single mum of two on minimum wage but somehow, life is moving, you aren’t sinking. I really don’t know how to continue this.

I guess if you currently feel like your are “walking on water”… Do like Johnny walker and keep walking.