What If You’re Divine?

Losing Your Mind

We are one, after allMIRAHORIAN DAN on flikr.com

Have you considered the possibility that, aside from the ego-mind that runs your world, you are actually a projection of the Divine into this 3D realm? Your mind would immediately wonder why you weren’t thinking, feeling, & acting divine, but let’s kick that to the curb. No great awakening comes from the mind so let’s focus on Heart, our inner core, our Multidimensional Presence.

Loss of reason?

Humanity has slid down a few rungs on the awesomeness ladder of late. What ever happened to being impartial, to being open & nonjudgmental? We’re not talking awakened, we’re talking simply reasonable, respectful. Who do you know who is living that way? Finding a civil conversation becomes ever more rare. Everyone seems to have an axe (or twelve) to grind — including the self. (Ah, we don’t like to look at that last bit, do we? 😐)

We are the energy, the awareness experiencing form, not the body-mind nor the ego we take ourselves to be.

Love, honor, & integrity can be the fundamentals we all accept & enjoy — but not while we still identify with & as the ego or the body-mind. Humanity has truly divine depths to plumb once we step back — i.e., become impartial — & allow our multidimensional Presence to shine.

What prevents that from happening? We do! By clinging to both our beliefs & the perspectives arising from them, we are crafting the current mess we see just about everywhere. We CAN see our way out of the Matrix, the false reality long accepted as real, but not until we’re open — impartial enough to see it, uncolored by our beliefs.

How do the Scales of Justice operate today?

Scales of Justice? — Upload.Wikimedia.org

If you’re in the right clique or group, you get a pass, no matter how corrupt or destructive your actions are. If you get arrested, you’re almost immediately released. Those not in the elite groups often get harsh treatment for the smallest offense, even just hurting someone’s feelings.

This is not justice, this is a joke, a parody we don’t yet see — but we at least sense that something is off.

What blocks our vision? We rely far too heavily on the ego-mind, identifying with it, thinking it can somehow figure things out & rescue us. Good luck with that but I’m kicking it to the curb whenever I spot it in action. We don’t access our deepest Reality, the fullness of our Being, via the false self. It’s like trying to screw in a nail, simply the wrong tool for the job.

Our biggest challenge

That’s our biggest challenge right now — being willing to release the false identity, the one we worked so hard to create. We were taken off track by the indoctrination we all received, lured into trusting those around us who were likewise thoroughly programmed, the blind leading the blind in a Matrix of beliefs.

This is no cause for condemnation or judgment in that, neither of ourselves nor the others in the Matrix with us, but rather compassion. The mind lives in duality, the right/wrongness of it all, but we transcend that by a long shot. It all depends on what aspect of our being we choose to access, to empower.

We are, quite literally, the only one holding ourselves back. Who is ready to see that, to explore it?

Ego vs multidimensional presence

That’s a tall order, one we’ll first rush into VIA THE EGO-MIND, thinking to explore it that way. That doesn’t work. Not that we won’t get some good ideas. We will, but they’ll be strictly limited by the capacity of the illusory self, unable to even see the deeper Being, the Real Self, much less engage that one.

It’s on each of us to invite our Inner Being, our Multidimensional Presence to step forward — but we, as the ego-mind, must first get out of its way. This starts by recognizing our programming, recognizing the extent to which we’ve identified with illusion, with the ego. We can’t release something we can’t yet see through the haze of that very programming.

It’s like asking the problem to fix itself, LOL. It’s nonsense!

For many of us, our whole way of being is in flux, shifting into some new & vastly expansive reality. We’re still present in this 3D realm, but finally recognizing this as but a limited bit of our greater Reality. Friends, we are not native to 3D. It’s just part of the play, of the adventure. We’re so much more.

Are beliefs even necessary?

Our beliefs are the lenses through which we view our world — well, actually our (subconscious & unconscious) beliefs & attitudes craft our perspective which colors all that we perceive.

The good news? We tend to forget we’re in charge of that; we can change them, expand them, even discard them. We’re surprised to discover that, in higher frequency, higher consciousness while accessing our Multidimensional Self, we have no beliefs. We don’t need them.

Belief vs Knowing

In place of beliefs we have Knowing, the direct experience that’s informed on a much deeper level than mere thought. It’s something no mind can grasp or even begin to understand, yet on having the direct experience of such Knowing, the mind can at least acknowledge it.

Again, it does no good to explore this via the mind. It’s like using a parachute to climb a ladder. Until we step aside from identifying with the mind, we remain stuck. The mind is a limited tool, not Who we are. It is unworthy of being in charge of us — yet we put it there.

That also means we can demote it, of course

Your deep inner core has an Intelligence that puts any mind in the shade. The challenge over which many stumble is the major shift in our very way of being. It’s almost as if we become someone — or something — else. Our entire approach to everything changes. We feel lost at first in this vast new perspective.

Rather than move into action — be it physical or mental — we’re better off in stillness, silence, & humility. This greater Being isn’t anything we force into action, anything we, as the ego-mind, can control. Instead, we invite it to come forward, then sit back & allow, observing as the ego fades away.

Our inner Being is impartial

What at first seems foreign & not-self is eventually experienced as Source-in-form — as Who we really are. The whole 3D drama is then seen more as a game, a delightful entertainment, miniscule compared to our greater Reality. Again, this is nothing our minds can process, they can only observe it.

Our Inner Being is impartial. Impartiality — not being programmed or prejudiced, not having our mind already made up — is a great open door into higher consciousness. The right-wrong/yes-no duality is a constricting trap, fencing us into a limited experience.

We begin to recognize in judgment, in our blessing or condemning of things, the divide-and-conquer indoctrination we’ve all endured, forever pitting us against one another while ignoring our actual Self, our Multidimensional Presence — & our union in/as the One.

As we rise in consciousness, we find ourselves jettisoning elements of our experience we once took to be aspects of our identity. Old beliefs fade into nothingness — where they belong. Nothing at all is what we take it to be — not one thing. Are we open to that? Probably not. Could we be? You betcha!

If We Could All Just Laugh — Jena Malone on Media.BrainTrainingTools.org

See you there, friends; in that Oneness we somehow forgot. Oh, the laughter that awaits us as we awaken!



9:49 a.m., Sunday, 2020/10/04




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