What is Amazon Honeycode??

An introductory review of Amazon’s latest no-code service for building web & mobile apps.

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A few weeks back AWS launched Amazon Honeycode as a fully managed low/no-code service for building web & mobile applications. The service is available to use in beta form. It operates on the age-old spreadsheet model as the base and helps users build custom apps for their business needs. It is free to use for a team of up to 20 people with a limitation of 2500 rows per workbook.

Screenshot by the author: Pricing plans https://www.honeycode.aws/pricing

Honeycode offers a variety of templates to help users get started for common business use-cases. The templates are easy to customize according to specific needs. The library of templates can be found here. Some commonly used templates include:

To get started with Amazon Honeycode, you need to create your account on https://builder.honeycode.aws/.

Any Honycode app is based on three main components:

  • Honeycode Tables: Datastore which offers unique features for modeling & structuring data
  • Honeycode Builder: Easy to build app interface for creating app screens, inserting app objects into those screens, and linking table data
  • Honeycode Automations: Automations be applied for sending notifications & reminders for keeping the team in sync

External applications can further interact with Honeycode using the following APIs:

  1. GetScreenData
  2. InvokeScreenAutomation

AWS training offers a course on Amazon Honeycode Essentials as a beginner level introductory course to understand the basics of Honeycode. The course also gives a guided tour of navigating through & mastering the Honeycode interface.

What's Next?

This is my first article in the AWS Honeycode series. Stay tuned for a tutorial on building apps in Honeycode.

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