What We Can’t Take Back. These are What I learn The Most in 2021

  1. What We Can’t Take Back

It’s not about the money we put in. It’s about the time and energy we put in when we’re fighting with the team, when our team is struggling to do their jobs, when they have problems they can’t solve. Time and energy are the things that we can’t take/earn back. More importantly, when we succeed, give credit to our team, but accept full responsibility for their mistakes.

Besides, Ideas alone are insufficient. The most crucial aspect is execution. With the ideas planning, reflecting, executing, guiding, and empowering the team toward the goal to be properly done, our time and energy will be required to be there for our team on a consistent basis. These are such things we can’t take back. Being a leader means to serve others.

2. Worry About Achieving Our Goals, Not What Other People Think of Us

I love this principle from Ray Dalio. Every day, we are inundated with news and messages. There would be a certain Fear of Missing Out, which would eventually lead us to keep changing our direction because we are afraid of losing the current trend or what other people think about our decision. At the time, I am usually practicing accepting and being unconcerned about what other people say. If I make decisions that are not as expected by them, or if they make noises that my decision is incorrect. I shift my energy toward the objectives I want to achieve.

3. Embrace Imperfections and Strive for The Best

Again, as leaders, we do not always have the correct answers. Even if the path is unknown, we must use our best judgment and provide direction to the team. As we progress toward our objectives, there are many things we cannot control 100 percent of the time to ensure that everything goes as planned, and it is very common that this has to do with human issues.

Accept that we cannot expect everything to be perfect. However, while embracing the imperfections, be aware that there are some things we cannot control, and others that must simply be done within the flow amidst the imperfections. At the same time, this does not preclude us from taking action; rather, we must take action gradually in order to improve the flaws.

4. Compassion is One of The Most Essential Skills

Communication is one of the most important skills to have as a leader. Providing a clear direction, making a clear decision, and coaching the team are some examples of how we can help the team. Do not let our emotions overpower our brain. Every second, we will interact with humans, which will have an impact on our emotions. We will become more patient as we practice compassion.

When my emotions are high, I train my brain to look at things from a different perspective: what happened to that person, what is the problem he or she is dealing with, and is there anything I can do to help him or her get better. As a result, I become more patient and calm with that person.

5. Nothing is Permanent

Life is too short! I meant it literally. So, at the end of the day, when I’m feeling down, I remind myself that nothing is permanent and that “Life is a Stage Play.” We have moments when we are angry, sad, happy, fulfilled, and so on.

Throughout my brief and fleeting existence, I have made an effort to always assist others. We have the ability to change the lives of others, especially as leaders. In this case, the goal is to improve our team’s capability and well-being.



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