Why Develop A Pill Reminder And Medication Tracker App

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When there is an elderly person in the home, we take care of and support them tenderly. We make sure they go out and come back safely and don’t do anything that strains their body. When they fall ill, we have to be extra cautious about their medicine. We need to continually check on whether they take their medication on time as prescribed. Given that, losing a medication track can lead to a severe problem.

The fear was turned into a reality for Omri Shor, the founder of the Pill Reminder and Medication Tracker app, Medisafe. One day his father had to undergo diabetic shock because of medicine double-dosed. He was, then, hospitalized and recovered slowly. But, the situation made him come up with a solution to track medication so that it never happens with anyone.

The success of Medisafe has caused other healthcare facilities to develop a pill reminder and medication tracker app. Consequently, today, tracking the medication of your loved ones has become as easy as scrolling the mobile screen. You can make sure they take medicine on time with a mobile app built dedicated to medicine reminders. Above all, you can do it all remotely through your smartphone and without bothering your office workflow. Let’s understand its workflow precisely.

  • You install the app, register, and feed the data of medicines.
  • You set a dose time and a reminder on every medicine.
  • It reminds you by sending a notification or alarm on your smartphone.
  • You take or give medicine, and the cycle goes on.

Moreover, you can install the app and log in on different devices at the same time. It lets users track the medication of family members and remind them if they miss any dose. There are a few medication management mobile apps, top-rated on Google Play and App Store that include;

All the above apps have discrete features and functionality. If you want to develop such an app and earn a steady income, there is nothing wrong. All you need is to come up with distinctive features and a business model.

The majority of pill reminder apps earn through their subscription plans. They either offer limited features in their freemium version of the app or a 15/30 day free trial. Later, they ask users to buy a premium version to unlock all app features in the freemium model. And charge on a monthly basis after a free trial.

You can earn through google ads, affiliate marketing, sponsoring, and promoting other medical brands along with the above revenue streams. There are many ways to make money with a mobile app. That’s why more and more business people invest in on-demand mobile app development.

However, to make a potent pill reminder and medication tracking app, you need a mobile app development company by your side. Having a technology partner helps you build, maintain, and scale your online business services more effectively. So, go, connect, and identify your ideal technology partner. For any concerns, reach out to us online!




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