Racial Segregation is Only Acceptable if it’s Woke, Apparently

Have we learned nothing from the past?

Joe Garza
Joe Garza
Oct 26 · 6 min read
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The shining effort to purge the world of the devils of Racism is finally making some real progress, thank the intersectional gods. It’s about time, too, in this enlightened day and age.

And how is the woke movement doing this? By employing the tactics of those they claim to be against — in this case, racial segregation.

This time, it’s not just dopey college kids believing that people of color should have their own dormitories, like earlier this year when a student-led task force called Black Violets advocated for Black housing at NYU. No, right now it’s the King County Library System in the state of Washington that believes that their staff members should be labelled by their race and kept apart from each other. A small but decisive win for David Duke, no doubt.

Below is an image that made the rounds on social media recently that substantiates the library system’s backward attempts to rectify the sins of the past:

(For those not familiar with Wokish, DEI stands for “diversity, equity, and inclusion”, three words that have become overly politicized and watered down from overuse by True Believers.)

It’s a disgusting image, and one that truly represents my hatred for a movement that takes every chance it gets to call out racism even when there’s none to be found. However, images can be faked, and this one is fairly simple to whip up for a trickster who’s got a few spare minutes. But after the image went viral, the King County Library System released a statement to clarify — not REPUDIATE — their policy that sparked the accusations of racism against them. Here it is below:

“KCLS has recently been accused of holding a ‘racially segregated training program.’ KCLS denies these allegations.

In 2019, under the guidance of our consultants, Racial Equity Consultants (REC), we provided caucused listening sessions for staff to help inform REC’s institutional racial equity assessment work. These listening sessions were voluntary for staff and designed to gather information to help us better understand institutional racial equity concerns, particularly those voiced by BIPOC staff members at KCLS, so that our consultants could develop a report and recommendations. Attendance by managers was mandatory for the purpose of preparing them for providing leadership around potential conversations or questions that their staff members might have following the sessions.

These listening sessions were not trainings, and KCLS affirms that it does not have a ‘racially segregated training program’.

KCLS is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as part of our service to the public. We understand that race is a complex and sensitive topic, and that discussions around race and racism are sometimes difficult, though necessary.”

This isn’t so much a denial of a crime as it is a reason for it. There’s no counterevidence to delegitimize the image, no apology for taking racial conversations too far, nothing. Just a circuitous justification for blatant bigotry, which, really, is what wokeness is all about.

But not only does the King County Library System demonstrate their adherence to a bastard ideology, they also exhibit their attachment to snake oil science. These types of trainings have been shown to be ineffective at determining racist biases and deterring racist behavior, as shown in the study “Pointless Diversity Training: Unconscious Bias, New Racism and Agency”:

“The latest fashion of ‘unconscious bias training’ is a diversity intervention based on unproven suppositions and is unlikely to help eliminate racism in the workplace. Knowing about bias does not automatically result in changes in behaviour by managers and employees. Even if ‘unconscious bias training’ has the theoretical potential to change behaviour, it will depend on the type of racism: symbolic/modern/colour-blind, aversive or blatant. In addition, even if those deemed racist are motivated to change behaviour, structural constraints can militate against pro-diversity actions.”

And here’s MarketWatch’s description of sociologists Frank Dobbin and Alexandra Kalev’s assessment of diversity training:

“When Dobbin and Kalev evaluated the impact of diversity training at more than 800 companies over three decades, they found that the positive effects are short-lived and that compulsory training generates resistance and resentment.”

But enough of that. I plan on eviscerating diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings in another post, and I need to make sure I don’t shoot my wad prematurely. So back the explicit racism of King County Library System:

Are there no books on American history at any branches of the King County Library System? Do they seriously not know that they are rhyming with a hateful past with these policies?

With actions like these, the Socially Just bridge that gap and turn the political horseshoe into a full-on wedding band by resurrecting a practice extolled by neo-Nazis, White supremacists, and the inhabitants of less tolerant eras. I know Woke Folk aren’t famous for their understanding of history, but I was hoping they’d be privy to a few fragments of Civil Rights’ past. I see now that I was too generous in my opinion of my ideological opponents. Mea culpa.

In any other war, using the weapons created by your enemies against them would be a smart tactical move. But in culture wars, fighting fire with fire only leads to scorched earth.

We all know that “separate but equal” does not lead to equality in any meaningful way, but it sure is good at separating. Just because its modern descendent has been rebranded with ten dollar words and bolstered by a corrupt philosophy, can we really expect this practice to bring us together to sing “Kumbaya” on grassy hills under rainbows and bright suns?

And that’s why I’ve spent so much of my time disemboweling wokeness with a hungry carnivore’s ferocity. Its goal is admirable — that of ending bigotry — but its tactics are poisonous and destructive, even to the groups it proudly declares to defend and support. Wokeness is a rotten crusade that’s escaped the righteous idealism of college campuses and is leaking into major sectors of everyday life.

When the impassioned dingbat students at NYU demanded racially-based housing, the university was smart enough to shoot them down, as John Beckman, a spokesperson for NYU, told Reason:

“NYU does not have and will not create student housing that excludes any housing based on race.”

NYU’s response was a brief but welcome glimmer of sanity in the Age of Rage, a possible sign that institutions may be starting to grow a backbone against the shrill piety of political correctness junkies.

But the King County Library System’s latest move proves that there’s still plenty of institutional stupidity left to fight. This wasn’t a policy that was forced on them from below — it was forced by them on their very own rank and file, thereby setting a vile precedent for other powers-that-be to coerce their subordinates into ideological traps that aren’t easy to escape (I worked at a Silicon Valley startup surrounded by hyper-progressive millennials, so I know what I’m talking about).

And the fact that the King County Library System refused to take ownership of a blunder doesn’t quell my fears about our collective sluggishness to combat genuine bigotry. These types of anti-racism/-bias trainings are spreading throughout prominent domains in our society like a nasty virus, and while the awareness of this malignant dogma is increasing, so, it appears, is its support.

We’re in the throes of the dawn of a new intellectual Dark Age, and the time grows short for Logic & Reason to keep the sun from setting. Maybe the future’s brighter than I think, but I’m preparing for a long midnight regardless.

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Joe Garza

Written by

Joe Garza

I cover art, culture, film, comedy, creativity, books, and more at https://medium.com/the-reckless-muse

An Injustice!

A new intersectional publication, geared towards voices, values, and identities!

Joe Garza

Written by

Joe Garza

I cover art, culture, film, comedy, creativity, books, and more at https://medium.com/the-reckless-muse

An Injustice!

A new intersectional publication, geared towards voices, values, and identities!

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