Friday, August 31, 2018

journal entry for August 31, 2018

All you need. To start. Is it.

Going. If there is something to follow. Go for it. Understood the sign of it. It is understood the sign of it. It is not singing yet. Signing over and out.

All it takes to interrupt it.

Does it need something? As it is. Coming out. In time. And timing. Is everything. The beauty of that long line. The freedom in that. Relaxed. Can it happen again. It is only ever happening and unaware of it as such.

Where it goes if you follow you will be free.

Waiting. Is waiting ever following? It is always waiting there. Beside and along with it. For the ride.

On top of it all. There are words. To say. And begin. This is a trap. That is not unpleasant. It is given. Trying to decide. Making something out of it, let it go as it mostly must be going. And then when it opens up to all that is around it and the centre of it taking it all in. Tuning it all in. Then it decides to be something and it is letting you be there.

Going with it is the way to be with it and maybe then you’ll be it too one day, so they say, but do not wait for that, it will not ever come when you are aware of it.

It takes practice to allow it and relax. If you let it, god will smile on you. It is like that. If you can relax with it and opening is good. If new things present themselves, thank your lucky stars. Do you have to say it. Do you have to describe it. It is not like that.

It is going and you’re going with it, see. That’s the way to do it, because that’s the way it’s done.

Saying and writing aren’t the same until they are.

Nothing is the same until it is. Everything is different until later.

Light cannot be apprehended. Until you name it less than what it truly is. To refuse it is to lose it.

There will be trials. And tribulations. And joy. Joyful freedom and release. There will be transcendence and the will to be all of it again. There is joy in it. There is meeting it and being with it for a while. There is seeing it again. Though it’s been a real long time. Any small amount that is enough. Keeps it going longer.

There is also ecstasy ineffable.

Not necessary to be showing it to anyone. No need to explain. No need to publish it. Need is not the answer.

Careful of the gateways. Closing. And the guards.

Breathing brings you back to it. Relax. Is difficult discipline. Yoga.

The wonderful. Pronounced. Feeling it. The sky touched the ground. Water is the blood of the world. Air is binding. Fire is feeling. Stone is resolute. The ground is creation.

Abstraction. Love. Letting it all be what it is now going to be saying underneath the showing of it as a notion picture thing. Stretched out like as if it could be limited delimited.

A soul. Spirit essence personage. Going through the motions of no motions. Emoting all of it together. Fourth dimensional being in a three dimensional world.

Very interesting. What happens when you are truly relaxed. Remarkable. When your feet are in the earth, your head is more prominent in the sky.